Top Qualities That Make a Great Employee

Great companies have great people. It is easy for employers to look over a resume to get the highlights of your skills, expertise and education. However, something that cannot be measured on paper is personality traits and personal qualities in the workplace. Company culture has been the business rave since the beginning of the year. With its increased importance to employers and employees alike, employers are searching for someone that not only fits their prerequisites for the job but also fits the culture of the company. We at GRACESHIP compiled a list of the top qualities that make a great employee.

  1. Passionate

    Being passionate about something is incredibly important for employers to gauge. Passion tells the employer how much work ethic you have and how much drive you have to get yourself there.

  2. Strong Communication Skills

    With cell phones and iPads and technology in general, our society’s communication skills can sometimes fall wayside. Nowadays, especially for college graduates, it is important to have solid communication skills. Some of the employers didn’t grow up with technology and are more focused on how you are going to work within the team in the company.

  3. Reliable

    Whether you are interviewing for a new job or trying to get a promotion at your current job, being reliable is something employers value heavily. If it is down between you and the person in the cubicle next to you do you think your employer is going to pick the one who is on time and commits to new challenges or shows up late and doesn’t complete work on time? Reliability is important.  

  4. Organized and Detail Oriented

    Being organized is something that lets your employer know that you are serious about the job and that you are committed to your work being punctual, thorough and valuable. Paying attention to details is important to reduce the risk of looking over small details that make large differences. Small mistakes can cost companies a lot of money. 

  5. Positive Attitude

    Positivity is a quality that can change the office space immediately. Not only does it create a better company culture but also makes sure that people are excited to come to work and it helps motivate people within the team, too!

  6. Proactive

    Proactive employees do not have to be reminded of every task that they are supposed to do. They are independent and self managed and stand out to their bosses.

  7. Leadership Qualities

    Leadership stems from confidence. The ability to lead with confidence yields repetitive success if done right. This is something that can be taught with time but is inherently instilled in some people.

  8. Team Player

    Leaders will lead through other people by focusing on the growth of the team surrounding them. They do this because at the end of the day focusing on the growth of others helps you grow, too.

There are a lot of qualities that can make someone a great employee. These qualities help make a great employee work well with a great company. We here at GRACESHIP value our company culture and it is something that our team is extremely passionate about. Check out more about the team that works here at GRACESHIP.

Anne Martin
Anne Martin


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