Career Advice From The Best Successes In Fashion

Entrepreneurs of multi-billion dollar companies in the fashion industry have gone through highs and lows to get where they are today. Whether you plan to go into the fashion industry or not, these are must-know tips for any career path. We at GRACESHIP listed our favorite pieces of advice from fashion designers that are the epitome of success.

Tory Burch

"I think [female entrepreneurs] have a lack of confidence. They often apologize; I was guilty of that too. When people have said, ‘Oh, look at your success,’ I would downplay it. A great friend read my first article on the company, in The New York Times, and said, ‘It was a great article, but you shied away from the word ambition.’ And it struck a chord. I thought about it a lot. I grew up with three brothers—I didn’t know there was a difference [between] men [and] women in the workforce until I entered the workforce! So ‘embrace ambition’ is something that I did and I want to get other women to do."


Kate Spade

"Work your butt off when you are young so you have more choices and more freedom as you get older and have to balance things like marriage and kids."


Vera Wang

"It seems to be a similar thread throughout everything, which is that your life isn't always measured by tangible results. What it really is in the end is the process, and what you learn about yourself and about life. That's something I've taken with me. No matter how bad things get, no matter how discouraged I feel, no matter how much of a failure I feel like — and that applies to motherhood, friendship, everything — I try to believe there's a reason, there's a process, and there's a learning experience. Maybe the journey is where I gained wisdom, where I gained confidence, a sense of reality, a sense of creativity. None of this has been easy. There's an old skater's saying: Don't be afraid of falling. It's 90 percent falling — otherwise, you don't master anything. You might hurt your ass. Or break your ankle. Or crack a rib. It's the same thing in life. There are other places to go. Other things to try. So don't be afraid of failing. I think not trying is worse than failing. Have the courage to try. Otherwise, what are we here for?" 


Michael Kors

"Your work has to be inspiring and aspirational but you must convey valuable information, too. Success lies in the balance."


Diane Von Furstenberg

"I always tell young women or young designers to figure out who they are and be true to that. The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself."


These designers may put labels on their clothing but behind those labels they have vast knowledge in the success of business and fashion to get where they are today. They withhold values and missions that are the backbone of the success of their business. Want to know what GRACESHIP's mission is? Head over to GRACESHIP's Mission & Values to learn about what our goal is within our company. 


Anne Martin
Anne Martin


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