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At GRACESHIP, we produce laptop bags for women who are ambitious and goal-driven. So of course, we want to connect with more women who love what they do and do so in a stylish manner. We started this new feature on our website about Women Going Places back in July 2013, and since then we’ve been connecting with some great women in our society who are truly showcasing their skills and have passion in what they do.

Today’s feature in our series is Sarah Hewett-Ball, of the 5-piece alt-rock collective CABIN. This 28-year-old indie rocker plays the violin, keyboard, and sings heart-warming melodies for the group that some locals would call “Louisville’s Radiohead”. The group of buddies from Louisville, Kentucky is rapidly collecting their demographic of eclectic indie lovers who have a strong passion for smooth catchy tunes.

Starting 2014 off fresh with a huge New Year’s performance in Louisville, Sarah and her three male members will be gearing up for a two month European acoustic tour in support of their latest full-length album It Is What It Looks Like. As the only female of the group, Hewett-Ball stands out in the mix with her vibrant, beautiful violin melodies, and her candid confident persona.

We got a chance to talk to Sarah to really get an understanding of band life, and what it’s like to be an aspiring female musician…

GRACESHIP: Who influences you personally, and who influences your band as a whole?
Sarah: “We’re all so different when it comes to music. I listen to more electronic, dancey fun stuff than some of the other guys. I like Neon Indian because they hype me up, especially when I’m in the shower, and Andrew Bird of course.”
GRACESHIP: How did you get started with music?
: I’ve been playing ever since I can remember. I started Violin when I was 9 when I did orchestra. We had a piano at our house when I was a kid, and I would always try to play along with the radio. But I was always really shy about playi
ng until I joined Cabin. I joined the band in 2006 because they were looking for a violin player, so they messaged me on MySpace lol.”

GRACESHIP: What is your favorite music venue you’ve played at?
Sarah: A brewery in Germany called “The Shafferhoff”. It’s interesting because people in Europe really listen to the music and the lyrics when they go to shows, as opposed to here where people kind of just go to party, which is still awesome too.”

GRACESHIP: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Sarah: Not really, usually it’s just the 4 of us hanging out. We’re all best friends so we usually just end up goofing off and talk about what stupid things we’re going to do on stage like who’s going to fall over and who’s going to mess up ha-ha.”

GRACESHIP: If you could see anyone in concert, dead or still living, who would it be?
: I’ve still never seen Radiohead and I should’ve been kicking myself for all the times I should’ve gone.”

GRACESHIP: What is a typical day for you?
Sarah: It’s always a little different. We usually tour a couple chunks at a time. If we’re not doing that, then we usually meet up at our studio, which is great because it’s in my backyard. I’m also still in school studying German and Spanish, so there’s that too.”

GRACESHIP: How would you describe your style?
Sarah: “I get really bored easy so I mix it up a lot. Usually, I’ll try to wear things differently or whatever I can find thrifting. I’m a huge thrifter.”

GRACESHIP: What are some of your favorite places to shop?
Sarah: For clothes, definitely Goodwill and places like that. It’s really cool to go to these little stores when we’re on tour and find such treasures and to think of the people giving it away. It’s like, how could you let this go? They don’t even know how great these things are.”

GRACESHIP: What do you like to do for fun?
Sarah: Just hang out and talk. A lot of my friends got really scattered after school, so whenever they’re in town we like to go out to quiet bars and just talk and laugh.”

GRACESHIP: What are some hobbies you enjoy?
Sarah: I love to make art. Mostly, just for other people. Paintings and drawings mainly. I also love dancing. I know every move to every song on any Wii dance game. I don’t even have to look at the screen anymore.” (laughs)

GRACESHIP: What are your personal future goals? Future band goals?
Sarah: It’s interesting because they both coincide. That’s the coolest thing about being in a band because it’s your hobby that more than pays for itself. I also want to utilize my language skills by going to third-world Spanish speaking countries and fiscally sound Germany and be an ambassador to invest and help one another in that sense.”

Cabin’s next performance will be a tribute to NIRVANA on April 5th at the Zanzabar which is in GRACESHIP’s hometown Louisville, KY. Sarah and her bandmates will be playing some classics written by everyone’s beloved 90’s grunge band. The show will start at 9pm sharp. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more updates from Cabin as they have big plans for 2014.

Cabin’s latest full-length album is available now. The tracks are great for relaxing, or when you’re on the go.





Arty Madorsky
Arty Madorsky


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