Introducing the GRACESHIP Brand Ambassador Program!

GRACESHIP continues to grow because of customers like you who spread the word about our bags, and we truly appreciate you for that! As a matter of fact, we value your effort so much, we decided to pay you for your sharings!

We are excited to unveil the GRACESHIP Brand Ambassador Program, which is a new way for you to get involved with the GRACESHIP brand and get paid! This is an affiliate program we created that allows you earn big payouts simply by referring new customers to GRACESHIP. Share GRACESHIP with your friends, and when they make purchases, you’ll receive the commission. The program is easy-to-use and there is no charge to join.

For every new customer you introduce, about $20 of the sale will go straight to your account. Receiving this payment is incredibly easy. The payment will be processed to your account once you type in your PayPal email -- and we will not ask for any other information. Enjoy the unlimited income potential!

This program is also designed to be user-friendly for everyone. You don’t need any expertise to become a brand ambassador. All you need to get started is a passion for our products and an internet connection! You can do it anywhere, anytime, with any device you would like.

But the best part? It’s alway FREE! It's free to sign up, free to use, free to receive the payments. We promise the program will only send money to you. It’s a one way transaction, that’s how we say to our customers -- “Thank you for supporting us”.

We are now accepting applications for the program. We will review every single one of them and then hand-pick the best candidates. Once being approved as a Brand Ambassador, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of big payouts and sharing. You can learn more about the program right here:



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