Women Rocking The Business World: We Received Our WBENC Certification!!

GRACESHIP is excited to announce that we are now certified as a women-owned business!  Many different applications and committee review processes were involved in receiving this certification.  It was a long and tedious process but we are delighted to have the privilege to be recognized! We hope that we are able to utilize the certification to really take GRACESHIP to the next level.

WBENC is an organization that certifies women-owned business throughout the United States. WBENC’s dedicated mission is to advance the success of its members through partnerships with large regional organizations. To apply and receive the certification, you must validate that 51% of the business is owned, operated, or controlled by a woman or group of women.

The WBENC certification will provide GRACESHIP with many opportunities, tools, and resources that were excited to take a part of. We look forward to attending programs and events that could connect us with WBENC Corporate Buyers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and much more. As we grow, this certificate will help open the doors to get our products on the shelves of major stores, work more with distributors, and expand our sales channels in innovative ways.

All in all, this is very exciting news for GREACESHIP. We are thrilled to see what’s in store for our future. Thank you WBENC for our certification! We are happy to be apart of the team!

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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