Traveling In Style Isn't As Hard As It Looks

Travel Boots Scarf GRACESHIP New York Sweater

For the avid traveler, it may feel like you have to forgo any sense of style and settle for the always comfortable sweats and sneakers. And with long layovers, cold planes, and the infamous security check lines, it can be hard to think fashion forward. But with these helpful tips, there is no need to ditch style and comfort for you winter travelers! 

  1. Simple, simple, simple! With air travel comes long hours and uncomfortable seats. So avoid wearing anything too tight, or any fabrics that you wouldn’t want to wear for an extended period of time.
  2. Brace for the cold. Nothing is worse than shivering on what feels like a never ending flight. You won’t regret bringing too many layers rather than not enough. So bring that favorite scarf, tall boots, or your best slouchy sweater.
  3. Minimize accessories. Obviously going through airport security is an adventure in itself, so keep it running smoothly by slimming down the jewelry. Keep it to your favorite stud earrings and the go to ring and skip out on anything extra.
  4. Socks! Flats are a girls best friend, but we all know those shoes are coming right off before airport security. So keep it comfy and wear those fuzzy socks.
  5. Keep it organized. Avoid juggling multiple bags for you avid business travelers and cut it down to just one chic accessory. A GRACESHIP bag can hold all your flight necessities, your laptop, kindle, planner and so much more. All while keeping fashion in mind.  

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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