Stay On Top Of Your Busy Schedule With A Few Of GRACESHIP's Favorite Planners

To keep organized, show up on time and know what you’re doing tomorrow, its inevitable you’re going to have to write stuff down. Luckily for you, the girls at GRACESHIP have the art of schedule keeping andto-do list’s down pat and are here to share their secrets with you, starting with their favorite planners.

Emily- GRACESHIP’s CEO and Founder loves a good Kate Spade print and for her, their planner is no exception. 

She finds the list of Advice given by 21 successful Young Entrepreneurs at this link to be great tips for staying on top.

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Kate Spade Planner Agenda Calendar

Katlyn- GRACESHIP’s Marketing Manager not only loves a Passion Planner, but she loves the story of the women behind the brand. She finds it to be awesome that the founder at such a young age took her ambition and ran with it.

She enjoys reading the advice from these Young Professionals, directed toward Go Getters, at this link

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Passion Planner For You Agenda

Kate- GRACESHIP’S Marketing Intern loves a Moleskin planner. She finds something about their simplicity and practicality to really aid in the organization process and keep her on track. Plus, she says you can never go wrong with a simple, leather bound book.

She always revisits the list of 11 career tips from fashion’s most successful women at this link.

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Mole Skin Planner Agenda

McKenzie- GRACESHIP’S Marketing Intern loves her Lilly Pulitzer planner. With its bright colors, and motivational quotes it is hard to not to love this planner. 

She finds find the tricks and trades given at this link from successful career women interesting to read.

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Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Calendar

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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