Who Doesn't Love GRACESHIP's London Bag?! Our Interns Especially Do!

London GRACESHIP Camel Laptop Bag
London. A city of history, romance, and grace unlike any other. When I think of the city of London, I imagine a prestige and untapped luxury every woman aspires to have in their everyday lives. I think of palaces, fashion, the center of all things royal. And what is more royally beautiful than a GRACESHIP bag? This is a bag truly fit for a trendsetter looking for everyday richness. As I sit with my coffee on one side, my planner on the other, and my LONDON at my feet, I realize I have a newfound sense of organization no other bag has given me. I find that my LONDON makes me carry myself taller, and have a confidence that I can create anything out of the day ahead. 

My LONDON keeps my life in working order. Before I started at GRACESHIP, I walked in with a backpack fit for a computer, a lunch box, a planner in one hand, and a wristlet in the other. With my LONDON, no more confusion, no more struggling or juggling with multiple bags, just a streamline to my day. I am able to fit my entire life into each and every compartment with room for the little extras.

This bag is truly for a working woman; not one bogged down by the tiny details of life, but one that carries herself in a way that is always on the up and up. Whether in her bag is the newest spread of the magazine she edits, the presentation of a lifetime, or even the résumés to her future career, the LONDON is perfect for the everyday woman, looking for a little luxury, a little prestige, and overall a confidence that cannot be tamed. 

Some may say it is just a purse, but for me, it is a purse that leads to so much more.
GRACESHIP London Camel Women's Laptop Bag

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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