Let's Maximize The Room In Your Luggage: Tips To Successful Packing

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With winter still looming and over a foot of snow bearing down on us here in Louisville, my mind is on spring break being right around the corner! Beaches, friends, sun tanning, and a good book is really all I can think about. But with vacation so close, I need to start thinking about what I should I pack! So for everyone taking family vacations, going on spring break, or just having a little getaway, here are five steps to make the dreadful packing a beach breeze.

Step 1: Pack outfits, not pieces! Sometimes while packing, we get overwhelmed and find a need for those pair of shoes you’ve worn once because “you might need them!” Pick out some favorite pieces, arrange them to outfits that can be mixed and matched multiple times to get the most out of limited suitcase space.

Step 2: Pack wrinkle free items. Avoid the silks and cotton that aren’t meant to be folded. Knits are your friend! And the most comfortable, and isn’t vacation about comfort and relaxation?

Step 3: Two nice dresses. Based on if you are staying a week, 2 nice outfits/dresses is ideal. You never know if you’ll be going out to dinner, drinks, or a romantic stroll along the beach so take one nice item and a backup just in case. I would definitely recommend a maxi dress as one. They can be casual one day and dressed up the next. And with the length, you’ll stay warm and stylish on those windy days.

Step 4: Two pairs of shoes, that’s all. You will be tempted to take your closet of shoes, but refrain and take only two this time! Wear your most comfortable sneakers for the day of travel that way you can have comfort for one, dress shoes for another, and casual for anything else. *Take advantage of shoe space and stuff your shoes with items too!

Step 5: Take advantage of travel size. When it comes to toiletries you can hold off on every beauty item in your bathroom. Travel size items are a great way to go, and come in array of products we already use. And if you don’t have everything before you leave, purchase these items once at your destination to free up some space.

*Last Minute Tips*

Jeans can be bulky and can take up a lot of excess room in your luggage. So if you want to maximize your space, nix the denim or wear them your day of travel. Also avoid any jackets, or coats, those can be worn and carried your day of travel and don’t need to be packed. 


Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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