Rock That Interview With These Top Picks By GRACESHIP: All For UNDER $100

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Before resumes, hand shakes, and introductions, a first impression with an interview starts with your appearance. From my own experiences of over 10 interviews throughout the years I have finally perfected the “no fail interview outfit”. With these pieces, you will be sure to make the best impression you possibly can all for under $100.

Piece 1: Cropped pants - Old Navy $25

Cropped pants can work in any season and look flawless with any top paired with it. With its higher waist and above the ankle look, you can get that timeless 1960’s style we know and love. This cut gives a chicness to any outfit and a streamlining those legs.

Piece 2: White bow blouse - Forever 21 $19.99

It may seem a little unconventional to find appropriate business attire at Forever 21, but it is definitely the one-stop-shop! With its huge collection and affordable pricing, you’ll never leave the store without a couple bags under your arms. This bow blouse is similar to mine, but I would recommend a plain white to be more appealing to the eye and universal to everyone’s style.

Piece 3: Fitted Black Blazer - H&M $34.95

A black blazer is a staple piece for any closet and a must have for an interview. Coming in with a stylish piece like this can set you apart from other candidates and brings a sense of professionalism to the table. H&M is a great place to find items like this at prices anyone can afford. With their simple designs and great fits, it is sure to please.

Piece 4: Black pointed flats - DSW $19.94

My recommendation is to nix the heels and stick with flats for an interview. You’ll never know what obstacles you’ll come across when on your way to an interview (the elevator maintenance was by far the worst). These flats, although I prefer patent leather, are an item that can go from day to night and a pair you will be wearing throughout the seasons.

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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