What Goes On Behind Those Two Pretty Glass Doors: The Life of a GRACESHIP Intern

So you wanna hear more about being a GRACESHIP intern, huh?!

I’ll tell you all about it, but just a heads up, by the end of this you’re probably going to want to be one. I have been a marketing intern for this awesome company for the past 5 months and have gotten to work on exciting projects that have taught me a great deal about running a business in the industry I love. Located in the heart of Louisville’s Butchertown, this chic black and white office is booming with progress and excitement as more and more people discover the brand we love. While each day is similar, no day is the same. The focuses of this innovative, global, e-commerce company are always changing. So my typical day goes about like this:

9:00- Arrive to the office - This first thing I do everyday is check my email. I have my own GRACESHIP email address that I use to communicate with people from various companies about projects I am working on. I then head over to teamwork (the task organization platform that GRACESHIP uses) and perform my daily tasks. These include updating Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and checking Yotpo, Etsy and Amazon for reviews. 

9:30 - Once I’ve finished with my daily routine I go back to teamwork to check out the latest projects assigned to me. Emily and Katlyn give me all kinds of projects to work on, which I love. They definitely want you to learn as an intern so you work on some pretty cool things. My favorites have been product photoshoots with the other interns, video shoots (I got to be the hand model) and working with suppliers to create stationery and stickers for GRACESHIP’s packaging. It’s really fun to see the finished products of the things you work on arrive in the mail. 

9:45 - Katlyn turns on Spotify

11:00 - UPS man comes and you get a chuckle out of him calling Harper the dog, Parker, in his “baby voice” might I add.  

11:30 - Time for lunch- I either bring oatmeal, yogurt, berries and/or edamame from home or I order a ham and turkey Unwich from Jimmy Johns. Don’t forget the guacamole spread, gotta have the spread. 

12:00 - After I eat, I check my email again. I’ll often get replies from the people I was reaching out to by now. I’ll send them responses and then either finish working on my current project or move to the next one. I do a lot of researching for GRACESHIP. I’ve looked into the best places to order dust bags, silk scarves, researched pinterest promoted pins and some conventions that might be good for GRACESHIP to attend. If I find anything interesting, I’ll Email it to Katlyn and Emily. GRACESHIP was recently featured on Great Day Live’s, Great Day Deals Segment, something I initiated and organized with my stellar researching and emailing skills. We took a trip to the WHAS studio one day for the filming of the segment. That was pretty cool. 

12:45 - Start to wrap up for the day. I’ll check my email again. Finish the last tid-bits on the projects I am working on and then send it to Katlyn and Emily for feedback. 

1:00 - Say Goodbye and Head Home

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Emily Gimmel


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