Want To Know More About The Woman Behind Your Favorite GRACESHIP Bags? Here Are 10 Facts About The Fabulous Emily Gimmel

Many of you know Emily Gimmel as the face, founder, and CEO of our dearly beloved company, GRACESHIP.  However, what many of you don’t see are Emily’s unique, determined, and quirky sides the GRACESHIP team sees everyday.  She’s a Cabernet kind of gal who grooves to the tunes of Eminem, bleeds Cardinal Red as an alum of UofL’s rival UK, has a passion for all things interior design, and a love for cheese that lets us know she is real. Intrigued by Emily’s Ying-Yang personality yet? Grab a glass and get to know her on a more personal level as her story unravels.  We’re sure you’ll love her just as much as we do by the end.

1. Emily’s kick-ass work ethic began at a young age, 13 to be exact, when she lied about her age in order to get a job at the local skate park as a concession attendant.  Today, she uses that drive and determination to grow the GRACESHIP brand while easing the lives of women like yourself. 

2. At the age of 16, Emily won a national essay contest promoting the snacks of the Nabisco brand.  Her winnings took her on a private trip, concert, and dinner to Orlando with NSYNC. Hey JT do you still have that Jumpin’ Jams mixtape Em made for you?

3. During college, Emily and friends were the stars and cast of the Louisville-based reality TV show, Southern Belles. For those of you familiar with the show we would like to inform you that Emily didn’t actually cry about her hair…reality TV editing at its finest.

4. Hong Kong is her favorite city and also the most recent design inspiration for GRACESHIP’s latest bag.

5. Did you think the fame stopped with NSYNC? Think again.  Emily once went to the Derby with Kid Rock.  

6. At a young age Emily possessed an eagerness to one day become an architect.  This passion lead her to summer camps exclusively designed for architects and dragging her father through every open house in the Louisville area on Sunday afternoons. 

7. She turns to ASOS online store for all her outstanding fashion needs.  As for her makeup, she knows she can always rely on Sephora to satisfy her make-up junkie self.  

8. Prior to GRACESHIP, Emily broadcasted on a prestigious entertainment TV show in Las Vegas. She conducted interviews with some of Hollywood’s most beknown stars, which ranged anywhere from T.I. to Ashton Kutcher.  

9. Before launching GRACESHIP, Emily traveled to many factories in China to handpick the most appropriate factory to make the brand a success.

10. As for her biggest accomplishment?  You guessed right!  The establishment of GRACESHIP has given Emily the biggest sense of fulfillment on every possible level in the business and fashion world. 

Has Emily, our founder totally swooned you? We hope this post gives you inspiration to reach for the moon just like Emily.

Because with GRACESHIP, you’re going places.  

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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