Emily Speaks to High Schoolers about Fashionable Laptop Bags and Success

Emily Gimmel speaks to high schoolers about line of women's laptop bagsLast week, Emily and intern Morgan took their knowledge to Assumption High School to speak to an intro to business class. The class was learning basic aspects of running a business. Emily is a pro at that, so her advice was found to be extremely helpful to the young students. Emily showed the girls a few of her fashionable laptop bags and explained her story of how she started Graceship. Most importantly she encouraged the girls to pursue their dreams.

The girls came packed with questions for Emily. They wanted to know what inspired her to start the business and how she came up with the idea for her women’s laptop bags. These were just a couple of their many questions. Emily explained her story in which there never seemed to be a stylish laptop bag that she could find that was her style and her price range. Therefore, she did something about it and started GRACESHIP. She explained to students that each of the laptop bags she designed is named after a specific city.

A Student Checks Out a Womens Laptop Bag while Emily Gimmel Speaks

The girls showed a major interest in Emily’s story and GRACESHIP after learning more about the company and her line of women’s briefcases. Many of them even noted that they were interested in starting a business of their own eventually. Emily was delighted to hear that so many of the girls were interested in following the same path of entrepreneurship as her.

Emily Listens to Question About Her Brand of Laptop Bags for WomenShe described to the girls how rewarding it is to own your own business. However, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It comes with stress and some troubling times. Something can go wrong at any time but learning to overcome and optimize those situations can lead to success. You just have to have the creativity and tenacity to see things through.

Emily also spoke about the importance of communication is in the world of business. Now more than ever, creating good contacts is extremely important. She suggested to the girls that they to join clubs, groups, and look for internships very early in their college career. This would help the girls to get a jumpstart on their competition. Emily and Morgan explained the internship opportunity at GRACESHIP (current prospects can apply here). They encouraged the girls to get as involved as they can because knowing the right people can put you at an advantage when it comes to a career and job searching in the future.

Even the students as Assumption had some tips for Emily. Many suggested the she design and sell a fashionable backpack that would safely carry their laptop. 

Students look at designer laptop bags as Emily SpeaksWith the senior girls being so close to entering the college lifestyle, they felt that Emily’s brand would be perfect for the backpack laptop bag. The also suggested potential colors and cities for Emily to keep in mind when designing the next Graceship laptop bag.All in all, it was a fun and successful experience. We were pleased with the girls and how helpful and conversational they were. It was so refreshing for a younger crowd to show interest business and growing professionally. Thanks Assumption!



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