Emily Gimmel Shares 7 Career Tips With Young Advertising Professionals

GRACESHIP Laptop Bags for Women Designer Emily Gimmel
Emily was given the opportunity to share some of her career wisdom with Louisville’s Young Advertising Professionals club, also know as YAP. She spent the evening giving advice  she has gained from her experience of pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams and creating her very own line of laptop bags for women. Emily’s brand of women’s laptop bags provided a great example of how hard work and persistence can get you where you want to be in life!

Looking fierce in a red blazer and toting her GRACESHIP New York laptop bag, Emily gracefully walked into Studio Nulu last week to give career advice to the millennials of YAP {Young Advertising Professionals}. (YAP is a group committed to networking, constant involvement, and advancement of the advertising crowd of 32 & under). 
Emily is introduced by Gabby Williamson, current YAP President, who gives a brief introduction of Emily’s past experiences and her position as CEO/Founder of GRACESHIP women’s briefcases.

Don’t Waste Time - Only spend time doing things that are a good fit for you. Emily shared with the group how one of her interns is currently on the job hunt, but is spending too much time applying for positions that aren’t something she really wants. She noted that our time is important and we should never waste it. It may take more time to search for those jobs you really want, but at least you won’t be wasting time in interviews for jobs that are not going to make you happy.
Surround Yourself With The RIGHT People - It is not just what you know that can advance your career, it is who you know. Be available, be social and be known. You have to be present and involved for opportunities to arise. If you spend your extra time around successful people and immersed in a particular interest, advancement opportunities will come naturally. Each of Emily’s positions often led to the next opportunity because of who she had met and mingled with.
Find a Mentor - Mentors are tremendously valuable in careers and life. Find someone who is doing what you want or desire to do, and pick their brain. Take them to lunch, send them emails, shower them with appreciation and questions on how you can improve yourself to be more like them. Emily found her first mentor at 16. She utilized his knowledge and experiences within media to help her grow and discover what she wanted from the field. Emily now takes it upon herself to act as a mentor to others, giving them career advice, finding potential future jobs, resume critiquing, and providing professional introductions.
Get Noticed - It is crucial to stand out. No one wants to be just another brick in the wall. We all want to be recognized. Emily gave a few examples of ways you can get a hiring manager’s attention. Do not be boring and use white paper for your resume. Use bright, colorful paper for your resume in order to catch the eye of whoever is reviewing resumes. The appearance of resumes is just as crucial as the content they contain. Make sure your resume looks modern, clean and well laid out. It should be representative of the type of position you desire. Whatever you do, do something different to stand out amongst other applicants.
Get Certified - Constant growth is important to be successful! Emily told the YAPs that they should always keep learning and getting certified in different skill sets. Continue your education long after you graduate school. Sign up for new classes at local universities or community centers. Learn a new skill. Pick up coding skills, learn photoshop, become certified in Google Analytics. You can do this through your current job or own your own. Take it upon yourself, if need be, to make yourself the most qualified candidate by receiving different certifications and adding to your skill set.
Market Yourself - While many people try to hide their social media profiles, in the world of marketing, Emily thinks it is important to get noticed and be present on the web.  Having a strong social presence and footprint is an important attribute to Emily and applicants she sees. This is especially important within the advertising and marketing fields. She relies on a person’s ability to market and brand themselves, as a direct indicator of their digital marketing and branding potential in the professional world.
Stay FLEXIBLE - Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes we don’t get the job we apply for, we bomb a presentation, a meeting doesn’t go as we had hoped, but the key is allowing yourself to learn and improve from these experiences. Don’t let pitfalls keep you from pursuing the next big thing in your life. Make the most of each experience, learn from your mistakes, and move forward!



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