Five Cities We Would Love to Name Laptop Bags After

Here at Graceship, Emily has found inspiration for her bags through the beauty and style of cities throughout the world. She has found inspiration from New York, Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. However, there are many other cities that inspire us everyday that we would love to showcase through our fashionable laptop bags.

1. Budapest, Hungary

GRACESHIP laptop bag inspired by Budapest

Budapest is a gem to say the least. It is known for it’s beautiful architecture, romance, food, relaxation, and almost everything else you can imagine. It is a city full of history with art and architecture from many time frames. Budapest is a city full of adventure that excites and inspires us to the max. We would love to be able to show the sophistication and beauty of this city in the design of a powerful laptop bag that can easily be taken with you on any trip and perhaps even Budapest.


2. Paris, France

Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love and romance. Oh, but is so much more than that! With thousands of tourist attractions, Paris is full of places to go and things to see. From the famous Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, you will need many days to see everything that Paris has to offer.The architecture and style of Paris is easy to recognize. Paris is known for many things but one of them is fashion. So we definitely would want to design a bag inspired by this magnificent city. It is safe to say that Paris is one of a kind.


3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

GRACESHIP laptop bag inspired by Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a city surrounded by lush mountains and greenery. It is know for it’s copacabana beach, it’s Carnaval festival, it’s tropical wildlife, and the Christ the Redeemer statue that looks over the city. You can take a cable car to the top of Mt. Corcovado or visit one of the many fine dining restaurants in Rio. We can easily say that Rio is city full of fun with endless opportunities. Don’t forget to see a soccer game while you are there! With beautiful beaches and many places to explore, Graceship would love to design a bag that has the easiness yet feel of extravagance that Atlantica Avenue resembles, while being able to take your bag from the beach to Carnival. This bag would definitely be for the women who loves to explore and have a great time.


4. Rome, Italy

GRACESHIP laptop bag inspired by Rome

Rome, a city full of inspiration! It is known for its art, architecture, and culture. With so many ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, you can find your way around this gorgeous city and explore the Roman Empire. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Rome is always an inspiration for the next Graceship laptop bag. This bag could take you from a quaint little cafe over to Vatican City for the day. Show off your sculptural and sophisticated style that everyone will crave!


5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

GRACESHIP laptop bag inspired by Dubai

Dubai is a city known for luxurious shopping, extremely modern architecture, and an exhilarating night-life. It is also known for the Burj Khalifa and its man-made islands. Dubai is definitely a place to visit for vacation with so many things that will blow your mind, in a good way for sure! We could easily design a laptop bag for this luxurious city filled with sites to see. A modern and elegant bag would go great with this extravagant city.

The list goes on and on with cities that inspire us for the design of our laptop bags. Unfortunately, there is only time to recognize a few of them. All of these cities provide many different aspects that light a spark of creativity in our eyes. We are inspired everywhere from culture, architecture, art, and style. It is so easy to find inspiration in all of these gorgeous cities.

Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams


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