5 Blogs Every Career Woman MUST Follow

Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration or motivation, especially in the hectic lives of busy women. No fear, GRACESHIP has found five blogs that will provide women with advice, inspiration, motivation for every facet of your life. So while you're in that food comma during Thanksgiving go give these blogs some love and help prepare yourself for an even better New Year.

1. Career Girl Daily
Career Girl Daily is your online lifestyle guide if you are a career minded young woman. This blog is dedicated to discussing both women’s goals in their personal and professional lives. CCD wants to showcase everything in a more feminine manner since most of the career world is male dominated. Their blog posts fit into four important areas: Career, Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Articles range from “Three Things You Should In The First 5 Minutes Of An Interview” to “How Quitting Facebook Made Me A Better Friend”, and everything in between. They were even voted Top Life Improvement Blog for 2015 by Bloglovin’.

2. Career Contessa 

Founded by Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa is supporting women in the best way. This blog was inspired by the needs of many women today, a need for balance specifically. Career Contessa advise women to find a happy balance between achieving their goals in the workplace and having what type of life they want at home. This blog has so many positive and influential contributors, called Contessa's, that readers are always receiving a different perspective. Their posts are divided amongst 5 groups: Work, Money, Life, Wellness, and Culture. Posts range from “8 TV Bosses We’d Love To Work For” all the way to “5 Conversation Starters For That Party Tonight”.   

3. Lindsey Pollak: Millennial Workplace Expert
Lindsey Pollak has made a career out of advising others about the different aspects surrounding the Millennial Generation. She speaks at colleges to students who may be transitioning into the career world. She even wrote a bestseller, Getting From College To Career. Pollak also works with corporations and the people that are hiring these Millennials on how to better understand and manage them. This blog helps inform career women of what others think of those that are apart of the Millennial Generation and how they can best exploit those assumptions. It also provides Millennials will tips to navigate the adult and career worlds. Lindsey Pollak provides advice and tips for managers on how to get the most out of these workers in her blog as well. This website and blog were put on the Forbes Top 100 Websites For Your Career and Mashable’s Top 20 Resources for Job Hunters.

4. Corporette
Kat Griffin creator of Corporette sums up her site into a few words: “Fashion, Lifestyle, and Career Advice for Overachieving Chicks”. If you are a lawyer, MBA, banker, consultant or any women succeeding in the business world, this is a great site for you. Griffin’s goal is to keep women that are stuck in the office most of the day looking fashionable instead of drab. Although she focuses a lot on workplace fashion, Griffin is always providing her readers with career advice as well. Her career posts range from “The Bad Assistant: When To Switch, When To Fire” to “Networking in Your Niche - But Outside Your Company”. Griffin is always providing her readers with the latest fashion sales and discount codes.

5. Women on the fence
Erica Diamond covers it ALL in this blog. This blog is for those concerned about being inspired, empowered, successful, and a thriving woman. Diamond wants woman to take their lives, be it there profesional, personal, love life, into their own hands and make decisions. This blog is dedicated to moving forward and getting “off the fence”. Her blog is divided into several sections: career, relationships, parenting, health, beauty, money, and interviews. Some of her posts cover topics such as: “5 Clues to Leave Your Company”, “The Importance of Female Friendships”, “What Is Privilege?”, and many more. Women on The Fence was named Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women, Forbes Top 25 Most Influential Women In Business On Twitter, and Diamond was nominated as one of the top digital personalities of the year.  

Emily Gimmel
Emily Gimmel


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Fiona Florence
Fiona Florence

March 07, 2016

I have visited your most popular 5 blog list and I like Career Contessa and all of them are really great. I might to give you thanks for your great collection. Thanks a lot for sharing this content with us and congratulation for this great contribution.

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