Get Music and Bags For Every Mood


Have you ever wanted to listen to music, but you just can't find that perfect song? Well, as you can imagine, there's an app for that!

Stereo Mood, the latest and greatest in music selection helps you find the perfect playlist depending on what mood you are in.  Feeling happy?  Funky?  Sleepy?  Are you studying?  Running?  No matter what mood you are in or what activity you are doing, Stereo Mood is perfect for you.

Just like Stereo Mood, GRACESHIP's bags can compliment your mood.  Feeling edgy and sleek?  Pick up NEW YORK to compliment your bold attitude.  Feeling fun and chic?  Grab CHICAGO and be the envy of the town.  Feeling warm and classy?  LONDON will go with you wherever your heart desires.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up your favorite bag and listen to some great, new tunes to help you conquer the day ahead! You can also download the free app on your phone for when you're on-the-go...aren't we all?



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