A Couch Potato Workout That Works

With bikini season around the corner, it's almost time to snap back into shape. But burning those calories can often be boring... until now. We've discovered a way to workout and catch up on your favorite television shows at the same time. Introducing, the TV Commercial Workout...

This workout plan is super great. You never know just what you might be doing next. It is also easy because it doesn't require any accessories. No weights, mats or bands. Just you and your television. It also allows a long time to rest and fuel up for the next break.

This is also a good idea to do with your kids. It is fun for them because it is something that is always changing. It's fun for you because it gives you something to do with your children while helping them stay in shape. It is a great after school activity!

And to think we used to hate commercials...



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