Thank Different - Send Handwritten Notes From Your Computer!

So much to do, so little time.

I’m sure this thought comes across your mind several times a day. As you look at your extremely long To-Do list, you see the words “Thank You Notes”. Who has time to sit down and write multiple, handwritten-notes? I’m sure you don’t. However, you want to make sure they’re personal. How can you get the best of both worlds?

It’s easy! Write your notes on

On thankthanknotes, envelopes are addressed for you and you can choose what style of writing you would like.

And… it only costs $3.00! That’s less than going and purchasing a card at the store, not including the price of gas and also stamps. This is a great deal.

Thankthanknotes help get your thoughts and love across without all the hassle of actually writing a note. It’s quick and easy for all women on the go.

Now you have one more thing to cross off that To-Do list!



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Terena Bell
Terena Bell

April 14, 2012

For me, it’s not the time factor—let’s face it, it takes just as long to write a handwritten note as it does to type one out. It’s that my handwriting is so abysmal that my teachers always thought I’d be a doctor. Even when I try, writing legibly so that anyone but me can read it has always been nearly impossible. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out.

Terena Bell
Terena Bell

May 07, 2012

Just wanted to come back to the blog now that I’ve used the service and say these people SUCK. Since we were first time customers, I asked that they send the notes to our office first so we could look them over and I’m very glad we did. They were obviously printed on a computer printer. Some of our notes were so far right justified that part of the date was cut off. In addition, the addressing on the envelopes was incorrect, meaning it didn’t follow USPS guidelines. For example, one envelope had the building name followed by the street number, then the next line had the street name followed by the word “suite” and the actual suite number was down on a 3rd line. Not only did it look very unprofessional, but I doubt the post office would have ever gotten it there. Also, they did not include the business name on the envelopes, even though we had included it in the information we gave them, which means most of these wouldn’t have even gotten to our clients as the buildings they work in are large enough to require direction for the building mail rooms. When we called and asked to speak with someone about quality issues, they tried to blame their errors on us and freely admitted that the notes are computer-generated and never looked over by a person before they’re sent. I love the idea of it, but this company has a LONG way to go.

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