Goodbye, Fax Machines! Hello, Free Web Service!

In today's world, new technology is introduced daily. DVD's and paper checks are all things of the past. Now, the fax machine is too! The next time someone from last century demands you fax them over something, check out Fax Zero!

As the name implies, Fax Zero requires zero fax machine on your end. The website allows you to send documents to a fax number in a breeze.  All you have to do is enter the fax number, your contact information, and upload your document with the a click of a button. You can even customize your cover letter to say what you would like!

This service not only saves a few trees by eliminating paper, it will also save you money. Printing documents can be time consuming and ink cartridges are expensive! Now, all documents can be sent electronically without having to mess with a printer.

There is no charge at all to use the service and up to five free faxes can be sent a day. You can also send up to three pages per fax.

This is a deal that really simplifies office work and the daily grind. The GRACESHIP team loves how quick and easy it is, and we think you will too! Check it out for yourself at Happy faxing!




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