Introducing the World's BEST Eyelash Curler

During the morning rush, there is rarely enough time for a full face of make-up. One of the best ways to quickly brighten your look for that cute co-worker is curling your eyelashes. While many of the lash devices out there are somewhat tricky to tackle, our staff's favorite curler crushes the competition!

The Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler is the easiest, best designed curler we have ever set our eyes on. Unlike many metal curlers, this device won't pinch your pretty little lashes.

While compact in size, its wide plastic lever flips out, making it much easier to grasp. A simple pinch motion compresses the pad on your lash and locks it into place.

Best of all, your purchase is comes with an unlimited FREE supply of cushion refills for the entire life of the curler! This guarantees you'll always be equipped to have eyes that others envy. This tiny tool from Japonesque is available at, ULTA, and many other fine beauty stores.

To intensify the effects of this eyelash curler, I personally pair it up with my favorite mascara - L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

A steal at only $8 a tube, this bargain beauty find works just as well if not better than many designer brand mascaras. It loads your lashes with both volume and fullness, creating an ultra flirty look! You can conveniently find it at almost any neighborhood drugstore.

Try out these lash products we love and you will brighten your look for work in just a wink!




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