Shave Money Getting Subscription Razors Online

Letting your boyfriend borrow your shaving blade is never a pretty sight - prickly legs are the ultimate fashion faux pas!  No more will your man have to borrow your razor.... a new web service keeps you and your beau conveniently stocked with razors without breaking the bank.

Dollar Shave Club is a fun, subscription based razor service with a variety of blades and budget friendly options.

The low-end option costs a measly dollar per month! The next two options are high-end razors that still keep you spending less than $10 a month. It also saves you the hassle of having to head to the store on those evenings your man unexpectedly sleeps over.

Dollar Shave Club is not only incredibly convenient, the company has a pretty cool sense of humor, which gives them a gold star in our book. Check out the totally awesome video advertisement from their site:

The club's prices are cheaper than buying in stores, keeping more money in your wallet. Your guy will have extra cash to buy you a brand new GRACESHIP bag and you'll have more money to spend on shoes!



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