How to Safely Send Text Messages While Driving

We have all heard and seen the dangers of texting while driving, but unfortunately many people still do it on a daily basis.  Now there's a solution to texts safely while driving. JARVIS is mobile allows you to send hands free text messages while behind the wheel.

Imagine you hit the highway after a long day at work, and your phone beeps with a new text message. It's often all too tempting to take your eyes off the road and see who is texting you. Luckily, there is JARVIS... a free, downloadable mobile app that reads text messages to you while you keep both hands on the wheel.

Before you start driving, turn JARVIS on. When you receive calls or texts while driving, JARVIS alerts you. The system gives you the option to answer your call or listen to your text.  Simply respond to the alert with a simple "Yes" or "No."

JARVIS automatically puts your call on speakerphone for the call you receive, allowing you you keep both hands on the wheel. It also transfers your voice into a text message and will read it back to you before sending it out.  It's a pretty neat app and works really well.  GRACESHIP gives it a 5/5!

JARVIS is free and available for all Android smartphone users here. Safety never goes out of style.



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