Book a Trip at the World's Weirdest Hotels!

At GRACESHIP, we love to travel but sometimes staying in the same old ordinary chain hotels can get rather boring... until now. Unusual Hotels of the World finds vacation spots so outrageous thatl your trip will literally seem out of this Universe! No matter what your fantasy, the website offers a unique experience for almost every type of traveler.

Dog lovers finally have the chance to unite! One of the unusual hotels featured is Dark Bark Park Inn, located in Idaho, which gives you the experience to stay inside a beagle. The owners have even gone as far as to disguise the bathroom as a fire hydrant!

In Key Largo, Florida, the Under Water Lodge forces its guest to first scuba dive down 21 feet to even reach the entrance of the hotel. How crazy!

The most popular places to stay include anything from a real life tree house in Sweden, an airplane suite in the Netherlands, to a car themed hotel in Germany.  Whatever you may be interested in, Unusual Hotels of the World, probably has a hotel suitable for you.

To find a fit, check out to see the guide for travelers interested in staying somewhere truly different.  The website offers 279 unusual places to scope out and book a stay, so there is bound to be one just right for you!

The Unusual Hotels of the World’s website provides a description of each hotel and the nightly rate, making it easier to decide which hotel you want to experience. Clearly, no matter which place you choose, you will always be left with an unforgettable memory.

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