Free Up Your Man's Time with Manpacks

Looking for a way to get your man more free time? At GRACESHIP, we found the perfect way to help free up his schedule and keep all his essentials well stocked. Manpacks is an online service that sends your man essential items right to his door step.

You may wonder what his ‘essentials’ actually are... after all he has you so what else could he need?

According to Manpacks, men’s essentials are limited to five items (not surprising): Socks, Shirts, Underwear, Shaving Supplies, and of course, Condoms. The web service offers several varieties of these necessities from Hanes shirts and socks to Nivea shaving cream.

All of the items can be delivered right to his door with ease every three months. All of the website's subscription shopping options are fully customizable and are easy to change or update at Manpacks even sends your sweetie an email before the shipment is sent, so if necessary, he can cancel shipment at any time.

This means no more shopping for basic needs. It eliminates his excuses for not cutting the grass, or not being able to help you out. And best of all no more “No Shave November!” With Manpacks, everything he needs will be delivered to him, in turn freeing up his schedule so he can spend more time with you.

You can sign up for free. Check out their website and start saving your man some time!



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