Be Organized On The Go With Evernote

Life can be hectic—whether you’re a business woman on the go, or a stay at home mom. Everyday has its curveballs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the ball, or the curve. One way to make day to day life a little more in sync is to start using Evernote.

Evernote helps you remember. It’s an online application for your computer, phone, and tablet. There are endless ways to use Evernote and its free! You can save your notes, web clips, files, and images. With Evernote they’ll be available on any device you use! This makes it easy to show and share with friends or colleagues.

You can also use your phone to take snap shots of cool and exciting things you see in the real world. Take the picture, save to Evernote, label it, and store. Its super easy. Planning a trip? Use Evernote to keep your itineraries, scanned documents, and confirmations in order. Then they will be conveniently available on your phone, tablet, and laptop.

At GRACESHIP, we use Evernote daily. It’s the perfect app for the business woman on the go. Before you start using Evernote, check this site out for 10 great tips on using the app to elevate your business:

Go ahead, sign up and start remembering things at




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