The Hair Brush We Can't Live Without!!

I’m sure all of us ladies have experienced the moment of standing in front of the mirror to unwrap your hair from a towel after a nice hot shower and unveiling a tangled mess of your gorgeous locks. Until recently, our staff at  GRACESHIP  would question whether to grab our favorite detangler or just be brave and tackle the mess with a hairbrush!

Using brushes on wet hair not only leads to breakage and pulling out beautiful tresses - it can be extremely PAINFUL! Fortunately, we have found an amazing product calledThe Wet Brush that's equipped with super soft IntelliFlex™ bristles to help detangle hair with ease. This brush is great for wet or dry hair as well as any type, thick, curly, straight, as well as hair extensions and wigs! It works like magic and detangles wet hair in a breeze! It's also much easier and faster to use than a wide tooth comb.

After coloring, blow-drying, straightening and curling hair, The Wet Brush is the perfect tool to eliminate one more potential way of adding damage or breakage to your beautiful hair! Best of all, the brush is inexpensive and certainly worth the small investment of $14. Learn more about this awesome product at



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