Our Favorite Professional Attire Essentials for Women

At GRACESHIP, we love showing off our fashionable yet comfortable style. Whether it is cool and rainy or sunny and crisp, we express ourselves each day with the fall fashion that excites us. Now is the time to talk about some of our favorite professional attire essentials for women.

Fashionable and Fun Flats

Fun and Fashionable Flats by GRACESHIP

A pair of flats are a must-have for every professional women. They are a fashionable replacement for a pair of heels. There are numerous designers and brands from Tory Burch such as the Reva leopard print flat or a cute and simple pair from Target that fit your style and budget.

Festive Blazer

Festive Blazer

A blazer is a necessity for business and other formal meetings. Since it is the fall season and winter is not far away, now is the time to explore with some fun blazer options. Try a plaid print or a festive color such a navy blue or a burgundy red. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Pair your blazer with the GRACESHIP London bag and your look will be complete!

Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace by GRACESHIP

A statement necklace is just the thing to give your outfit a pop of personality and glam. Whether it is a classy pearl necklace or a glamorous jeweled necklace, this piece of jewelry will grab attention and allow you to showcase your style.

Long Sleeve Color Block Dress

Long Sleeve Color Block Dress by GRACESHIP

Every now and then it is nice to add a change to your professional wardrobe. Black dress pants can be boring sometimes and adding a long sleeve color block dress could be just the thing to lively up your wardrobe. This dress will outline and flatter women’s bodies and is sure to make every working woman feel good about herself. Pair this dress with a GRACESHIP Hong Kong bag and this sophisticated and eye-catching look will be ready to go!

High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt has long been a classic staple of professional attire for women. With a high-waist, it will contour to anyone’s figure giving women a sleek and polished look. Add a final touch with a GRACESHIP New York laptop bag and you will be ready to take on the day.

Bright-Colored Blouse

Bright Colored Blouse by GRACESHIP

A bright and fashionable blouse can be dressed in so many ways. Pair it with your festive blazer or let it stand out on it’s own. A bright-colored blouse is a fun way to express your fashionable side in a world of business that has such a traditional feel.

The Classic Stiletto Heel

The Classic Stiletto heel by GRACESHIP

A good pair of stiletto heels are a must-have for every modern business woman. They can be paired with everything from a dress to your favorite dress pants. Add a pop of personality to your outfit with your favorite print or color stiletto, and if you are desiring a more classy look, the traditional black or nude stiletto heel is perfect. Always remember, a GRACESHIP Black London bag compliments any pair of stylish stiletto heels.

These are just a few of our favorites but all of these fashion-forward and sophisticated items will keep your style on point. Whether you are going from meeting to meeting or to dinner and drinks after work, these work essentials let you express your style in a professional manner. Pair your items with a GRACESHIP laptop bag and you will have the perfect look that every professional woman desires!



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