Three Great Women Laptop Bags: Nine FABULOUS Looks

    The on-the-go, fast paced lifestyle many of us lead, leaves little time for any girl to pick out the perfect outfit for a day at the office or a night out on the town. We are constantly turning to those key pieces in our closet when it’s crunch time to get out the door... the little black dress, nude pumps, or those go-to skinny jeans.

The great thing about GRACESHIP designer laptop bags for women, is that they can easily be taken from day to night. No matter what you are wearing, or where you are going - a GRACESHIP vegan leather computer bag easily accompanies a variety of different outfits. It is easy to take your bag from a day at the office, to running errands, to a night out in the big city. Below you will find some new fashion insight on how to use other items you already have in your closet!


    Our NEW YORK style laptop bag is perfect for the busy professional woman constantly on the move. For her work outfit, a detailed pencil skirt and simple blazer perfectly complements the GRACESHIP computer bag. It will leave her feeling sleek and sophisticated but not overly stuffy. The night time look brings out her wild side, especially when paired with a brightly colored silk tank and some sky high pumps! This outfit makes it easy to get noticed in any dinner crowd.

The next day when she goes to meet up with her girlfriends for lunch, she can dress the look down by pairing a cotton maxi skirt with a denim shirt. Fuchsia lipstick adds a pop of color creating a perfect bold touch, while simple gold jewelry brings the entire look together. This outfit screams trendy, yet effortless.


    The LONDON laptop bag is perfect for the girl known for her classic style and timeless pieces. Catching a taxi or traveling on the underground usually calls for comfort. These outfits play directly into her on-the-run lifestyle.

For her days at the office, choosing a sleek black dress and nude heels makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. By adding the GRACESHIP London bag, her confidence will heighten knowing she can stay organized, yet stylish throughout her busy work schedule. After work, meeting up with her boyfriend at the local pub calls for a quick outfit change. A leather skirt, lace crop top, and a red lip puts together a bold statement, but it keeps her structured look alive.

She spends Sundays with her friends wandering around the city looking for the next vintage scarf she can use as a detail for her GRACESHIP London computer bag. Dark skinny jeans, a white cotton tunic, tassel necklace, and gold flats allows this gal to exude confidence with a laid-back style.

    The CHICAGO bag is the perfect detail for that casual chic girl seen in the office or that exclusive event. Bouncing around to the hottest spots in town is her favorite past-time making the Chicago bag the ultimate companion.

Getting ready for work is stress-free as she picks out her favorite peplum blouse, nude heels, and her fashion statement red pencil skirt. Inside of her GRACESHIP Chicago bag, she packs her laptop and an extra flashy outfit for an after work girls night out at the hot new nightclub downtown. A simple, yet flirty white tank pairs great with a sequined skirt and pumps that contain a hint of mint.

Attending a Cubs baseball game Saturday for a family outing gives the Chicago native an opportunity to support her team by sporting the Chicago bag’s blue hue. Her breezy gray tank and distressed skinny jeans tie the outfit together for a relaxed look. The GRACESHIP Chicago bag paired with this outfit will surely not be a strikeout!


Alexis Carter
Alexis Carter


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