Five Reasons We Love Working Inside Butchertown Market

GRACESHIP’s home is inside the Butchertown Market and we love being here. We have been at the Butchertown Market for three years now and have loved every minute of it. Between the atmosphere and all of the wonderful attributes that comes with it, here are the top five reasons that we love working inside the Butchertown Market.

  • 1. Work the Metal

  • Work the Metal by GRACESHIP

    Work the Metal is our favorite part about working inside the Butchertown Market. Work the Metal has adorable clothing, charming jewelry and accessories, fashionable home furniture and decor, and a ton of fun and delightful gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. With so many products, it is easy to find something (or many things) that you love! Lastly, Work the Metal offers a discount to everyone that works in the Butchertown Market. It is safe to say that we spend a lot of time shopping in Work the Metal!

    2. Cellar Door Chocolates

    Cellar Door Chocolate by GRACESHIP

    Cellar Door Chocolates is another yummy reason that we love working inside the Butchertown Market. It has a quaint little cafe area that you can go to sit and hang out or to work on your laptop. They offer gourmet hot chocolate, snacks such as macarons and kettle chips, and the chocolate is definitely the best part. We recommend our favorite, the delicious dark chocolate almond bark!

    3. Convenient Location

    Butchertown Grocery by GRACESHIP

    Another wonderful thing about working in the Butchertown Market is it’s close location to many places including good restaurants.
    Hall’s Cafeteria and J. Gumbo’s are within a 3 minute walk from our office and they are great options for a quick, easy, and tasty lunch. The Butchertown Grocery is extremely close as well and is a great place to go for a delectable sit-down lunch with American and European inspired dishes. There’s nothing better!

    4. Neighbors/Friends

     Neighbors by GRACESHIP

    The friendships made at GRACESHIP is another thing that we treasure and love about working in the Butchertown Market. We work closely with other people and businesses and have gotten to know many of them throughout the past few years. From our neighbors at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to the ladies that work at Work the Metal, we have gotten to know them very well and we love how friendly everyone at the Butchertown Market is.

    5. Atmosphere

    Butchertown Market by GRACESHIP

    The atmosphere that the Butchertown Market provides fits the style of GRACESHIP perfectly. Even though the building is quite old, being built in 1880, it has a modern feel and is in wonderful shape. Between the decoration of our office and the music we listen to on a daily basis in the office, the personality of GRACESHIP matches along well with the personality that the Butchertown Market provides. Everything about this building makes it a great place to work and we are happy to be here!

    As you can see, we love being located at the Butchertown Market. Whether it is for the food, shopping, friends, or atmosphere, there are so many benefits and attributes that GRACESHIP loves about the Butchertown Market. This is GRACESHIP’s home and we are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful environment!



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