The Best App for Closet and Outfit Organization

Style Book AppFor all the fashionistas out there who are forever sifting through hundreds of style apps, look no further. Recently, I stumbled upon Stylebook. The iPhone app allows clothes-a-holics to store photos of your clothes, organize your closet, find outfit inspiration and much more. Here is a summary of what everything I love about the app:

Keep Your Closet in Your Pocket
Your inner OCD can get excited. Stylebook allows you to divide your clothes into categories, and even sub-categories. File your shoes and then branches off into sandals, boots, etc.

After taking photos of your own clothes, you have the option to enter information for each piece... season, brand, color, size and cost. The app also totals up the quantity for that category and the total amount of money spent. Over forty pairs of shoes and a couple thousand dollars later I realized my shoe addiction needed to come to a halt. Oops!

Organized Looks
Familiar with the site  Polyvore? If not, it is a site where you can create your own outfits with several designers and retailers who post their products. You’ll be ecstatic to know that Stylebook has the same features, but with the clothes you own. Many Polyvore fans, use pieces that closely resemble items already in their closet anyway, now you just have it on your phone. 

Inspirational Images
The inspiration portion of the app allows you to store and upload photos of outfits you like, but may not yet own. To stay organized, create categories by season. I personally keep an “At the Office” category for all work appropriate styles.

Calendar Records

Keeping a record of the outfits you wear has never been so easy. If you are one of those who refuse to wear the same outfit twice in one month, Stylebook will help you do it! You can record what date you wore which clothes. This feature also makes it easy to return to those go-to outfits you love.

StyleBook App Summer Spring InspirationPacking For Your World Travels
Keep packing for a trip simple and streamlined. Stylebook allows you to keep a visual picture of all outfits in your suitcase. Place items from your closet into your virtual suitecase and you won't have to rummage through the real thing while on the road. Don't forget to bring your GRACESHIP bag when traveling!

Style Stats
Every piece of statistical data for your closet is part of this section. It allows you to see your top 10 most worn outfits as well as clothing that you haven’t worn in a while. Every shirt to every shoe is quantified making you aware of how much of that category you do own. Awesome!

Shop, Style Expert & Wi-Fi Accept
These three features closely relate to one another. The shop section actually allows you to browse clothes in retail stores and add them to your Wish List. Shopping by category, store or brand allows you to get down to specifics.

The Style Expert feature allows you to read up on the styling industry and gives you advise on things like caring for your wardrobe and fashion insider tips. There is also a Wi-Fi Accept tool that allows you to share your clothes with friends. We all have that friend who texts you on Saturday night, asking what you are wearing out. Here, you can just send them one simple picture and that leads into no further explanation of “Well, how dressy is your shorts and flowy top?!”

With the majority of style apps out there not offering half of what StyleBook does, this wonderful app only costs $3.99. In all reality you can’t put a price on a mobile closet, can you? Trust me, after having it for well over a year now it is completely worth it.

Renee Hooten
Renee Hooten


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