Watch Up Close Video of GRACESHIP's Laptop Bags

GRACESHIP has been working on an amazing project the last few weeks to allow our customers to see our extraordinary bags in a whole new way. Since we are predominately an e-commerce site, the public doesn't get to see the detail and intricate design of our laptop bags until they order. 

We decided to build a temporary photo studio at our office and create lifelike videos to showcase each product. By using a 35 mm standard camera lens, which is equivalent to the way the human eye sees, and a lot of creativity for building a photo studio, a video was made of each bag. The goal was to produce a video that allows the viewer to see the bag exactly how they would in a store or on a shelf. 

Each bag has so many specific features that highlight its specific style and purpose. We really wanted the viewer to be able to see the texture of the vegan leather, to get a grasp of the intricate stitching throughout and to understand better the diameters and sleek shape of each bag. 

The new videos are now housed on each individual product page.We think the videos turned out amazing and now allow potential customers to get a whole new perspective on the bags they are purchasing.

Check out the videos below and tell us what you think!

Jordan Kassel
Jordan Kassel


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