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At GRACESHIP, we make laptop bags for women literally going places. So naturally, our team loves seeing women who truly are going places in life and following their dreams. That's why we are starting a new feature on our website about Women Going Places. We are showcasing women we love, who are excelling through their unique talents.

The first fearless female in this new series is Katie Toupin, of the rising rock band Houndmouth. This 24-year-old sultry songstress plays the keyboard and sings catchy tunes for a flourishing music foursome recently dubbed "America's Mumford and Sons." The group of friends from New Albany, Indiana is quickly collecting a strong international following for their eclectic musical mix of blues, folk and rock.



Fresh off a live performance on Conan O'Brien, Katie and her three male counterparts are touring across the U.S. and Europe in support of their debut album From The Hills Below The City. As the lone female of the group, Toupin stands out as the star with her big, beautiful voice and casually confident demeanor.

We caught up with Katie to get a glimpse of life on the road and what it is like to be a flourishing female rock star...

GRACESHIP: What's it like traveling and playing shows across the country?
KATIE: "Disorienting."

GRACESHIP: Give us a quick rundown of a day in your life on the road.
KATIE: "Wake up. Drive. Lunch. Drive. Load in. Soundcheck. Dinner. Doors. Set. Mingle. Load out. That's pretty much exactly what I do every day with very minor variations. I read or watch movies or listen to music on the drive. Before we play there is always down time. So sometimes Ill go back to the hotel, but most of the time I end up getting dressed and ready in the green room. And 9 out of 10 green rooms are not what you call comfortable. Sometimes we have press before shows. Sometimes I get a nap in. Sometimes I explore the street the venue is on and find cool jewelry or records. Depending on who we are touring with, sometimes we hang out with the other bands after the shows if we don't have a long drive the next day. Everything we do is kind of... practical. Not too crazy. A routine."

GRACESHIP: What's your favorite music venue you've played so far?
"Too many to name just one. There were great venues on tours with the Alabama Shakes, Grace Potter, and The Drive By Truckers. Played the Troubadour in LA with Dry The River which was great."

GRACESHIP: What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while touring?
KATIE: "I signed a man nipple once."

GRACESHIP: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
KATIE: "I always have throat coat tea. I do my makeup."
GRACESHIP: If you could see anyone in concert, dead or still living, who would it be?
KATIE: "Otis Redding... I'm on a big Otis kick right now."
GRACESHIP: How would you describe your style?
 KATIE:  "I wouldn't."

GRACESHIP: What are your favorite clothing brands?
KATIE: "I like free people a lot but don't own one article of free people clothing."

GRACESHIP: What's the best pickup line someone has tried to use on you?
 KATIE: "I don't know about that, but people have shouted some pretty vulgar stuff while I'm trying to play a show before. Too forward to quote honestly.

GRACESHIP: What do you like to do for fun?
KATIE: "Go to bed early and Sleep in. It's a pretty taxing lifestyle on the road. Pedicures and massages rank high."
GRACESHIP: What are some hobbies you enjoy?
KATIE: "Horse riding. Rescuing puppies from burning buildings, yoga and cooking."
GRACESHIP: What are your plans for the future?
"I live very much day to day right now. It's a whirlwind. There's not a lot if time to plan ahead right now. That's what our team of folks working with us are for. I'll cross that bridge when I get there."


Houndmouth's next stop is at the Forecastle Festival in GRACESHIP's hometown of Louisville this weekend. Katie and her band mates will play on the Mast Stage at 6:30 p.m. on Friday and the late night show on the Belle of Louisville on Saturday. If you can't make the musical mayhem at Forecastle this weekend, check out Houndmouth performing on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien below.

Houndmouth's debut EP is available now. The tracks are great tunes to listen to while traveling or when you need an afternoon energy boost at the office.

Brock Thatcher
Brock Thatcher


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