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Public relations can be a key factor for any business, especially in the fashion world. Who better for GRACESHIP to speak with than Crosby Noricks, founder of PR Couture, a site catering to all things PR in fashion. With little to no information about fashion PR on the web in 2006, Crosby launched the original PR Couture site in a weekend and it has been growing ever since as a reference for fashion students, publicists and brands.


Known as the "fashion publicist's most powerful accessory" by the San Diego Union Tribune, Crosby was included in the imedia 25 class of 2012 as a key influencer in interactive marketing. She has been given accolades for her blogging and was featured as a social media keynote presenter at LavaCon.

The latest woman we love is a mover and a shaker in the fashion world and the sky is the limit as her career and website continually gain steam and make their mark in fashion PR.

GRACESHIP: Describe PR Couture in 10 words or less.
Crosby: Couture is the leading digital resource about fashion PR 

GRACESHIP: How did you come up with the idea for PR couture? 
Crosby: During graduate school, I managed the in-house PR and marketing department for a celebrity-inspired e-commerce jewelry company and enjoyed working with editors and developing trend stories for our website and email marketing. I decided to write my Master's thesis about fashion PR and quickly found very little information - in trade/academic journals or online- about the industry. About six months after graduating, I created PR Couture in order to share what I had discovered during my research, stay connected to the industry and celebrate those working in the field.

GRACESHIP: What were the steps in launching the website?
: The first version of PR Couture was a simple Wordpress blog that I installed and customized over the course of a weekend. A friend who is an illustrator designed the first logo, and I started to write in reference to content that came through via Google Alerts I had set up for terms like "fashion PR," and "fashion marketing." 

GRACESHIP: Who are your favorite designers?
: Alice Temperly, Mara Hoffman, Rodarte, Isabel Marant, Lover, To Be Adored, Maiyet

GRACESHIP: Where do you frequently shop and how would you describe your style?
: In February, I left my job (I was Director of Social Media for a digital marketing agency for five years), to concentrate on growing PR Couture and exploring new opportunities. As such, I'm shopping less and making investments in the site and my own growth as an entrepreneur instead. These days, I have a lovely relationship with my local Buffalo Exchange, thrift stores and shopping the super sales at places like Calypso St. Barth (tunics and scarves), Madewell (linen tanks) and The Outnet (dresses and lingerie).  I'm definitely inspired by textiles from South America and Eastern Europe,  I love long skirts, short boots, and that whole nomad/gypsy vibe - as well as shapes from the 1930s and 40s - all cataloged in this style inspiration board on Pinterest. More than anything though, I love wearing things gifted to me by people i love - whether it's a recent pair of Mara Hoffman for Free People pants by best friend just gave me, or the Gemini constellation necklace that was a birthday present from my marketing coordinator. I like wearing things that carry stories and goodwill within them.

GRACESHIP: What is your best piece of advice for people trying to start a career in fashion PR?
Crosby: Immerse yourself in the industry and build relationships through Twitter by participating in weekly chats, engaging with different agency and editor accounts and guest writing for different blogs and website. Of course, I'd also recommend they read Ready to Launch and take advantage of all the great free content on PR Couture.

GRACESHIP: What makes you tick or drives you?

Crosby: Lack of mentorship and elitism both ticks me off and motivates me to create a different experience for aspiring publicists through PR Couture. 
GRACESHIP: What are your aspirations for the future?
Crosby: I'm seeking out ways increase my sense of freedom. I love waking up in the morning and being able to choose how I spend my days - to support people and companies that are doing great, meaningful work while also tending to my own creativity, wanderlust. I aspire to the experience of playing, even when I am working. Some days I hit that zone and it its magic.
GRACESHIP: Whats an average work day like?
: An average day is a mix of client and PR Couture work, a lot of writing and strategic planning these days. I've started working with brands and solopreneurs through day-long intensives I'm calling Brand Elixirs,  so if I have a session, I'm spending my mornings on Skype and my afternoons writing in my kitchen or, if it's not too hot, on my front steps with an iced coffee or green tea! I typically work from about 8-2, and then take a few hours off in the afternoon to go on errands, head to the gym, or just relax with a book at the park. Then, I pick back up again from 5-8, and then try not to work more - though I do often find a surge of focus and energy that hits between 9-12, late at night.  
GRACESHIP: What would your dream job be?
: Hmm, I'm not sure I've figured that out yet or I would be out there trying to make it happen. For me right now, the decision to leave the stable, well-paying agency job filled with lovely people in honor of my own desire to have more autonomy over my days and answer my own "what if"  - is the dream that I am making come true each day. That said, I would love to work with any of the brands listed above, particularly on projects that bring creative folks together to create experiences (online and offline) that encourage people to experience the world as a more beautiful, connected place.
GRACESHIP: If you could meet one person who has influenced you the most who would it be and why?
Crosby: Starting in middle school and through my early twenties, I was pretty strongly influenced by Tori Amos, her music sure, but also that red hair, her style and how each album had such a unique and particular aesthetic. It was poetry, personal expression and branding, and the whole thing really spoke to me. 
Connect with Crosby through the links provided and take advantage of what PR Couture has to offer.
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