New Year, New Trends!

6 Beauty and Fashion Trends that Need to be Left in 2015

The New Year to our lives is the perfect time to pause for a period of reflection. As we look through the photos we have posted to various social media accounts we are left questioning our own sanity. While at the time we thought yes, “I look fabulous”, it is only in retrospect that we untag ourselves from old photos and wonder why no kind soul told us we looked ridiculous.

Thankfully trends are meant to have expiration dates, which is in fact, why they are called trends in the first place. As we all welcome 2016 into our lives and create new resolutions I encourage us all to leave behind some fads from 2015. Along with binge eating and bad habits, I hope we can ditch the following unfortunate beauty and fashion crazes:

#1. Pricy “Athleisure”

The idea behind “athleisure” is that exercise gear is making its way out of the gym and starting to become a big part of people’s daily wardrobe. Consumers are willing to drop huge amounts of money on designer labeled exercise gear that they are not using for their original purpose. I would like to stop seeing yoga pants at restaurants and exercise gear as fashion at social outings. Make it stop! Leave the athletic wear where it belongs…the gym!

#2. Noticeable Contouring

Contouring your face took the beauty world by storm in 2015. Blogs, youtube videos, and websites alike began putting out tutorials on how to contour your face daily. We all like to believe we can accomplish the high quality effects of a professional makeup artist but in reality there were way too many faces that were not properly blended walking around. I couldn’t go one day without seeing someone post a picture of themselves on social media praising their own makeup skills, when in reality the contouring was all too noticeable. I would like to see the trend continue on but be less pronounced and more subtle. Let’s all buy our blending brushes this year!

#3 Overdrawn Lips

2015 was the year of the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” and a huge obsessive period of overdrawn lips. The big beauty trend was to have “naturally” plumped and full lips. Once again, we all overestimated our natural makeup ability and looked ridiculous going from pencil thin lips to a huge fake pout. In 2016, I hope we can all embrace the lips we were born with and welcome back the truly natural lip.

#4 Chunky Wearable Technology

While I am all for technological advances and the future of wearable tech, I wish the fashion forward consumer was kept in mind during the design phase. In 2016 I would love to see the chunky, bulky wearable technology evolve into sleeker and more stylish products. I would be much more likely to purchase a pricey wearable tech if it came in chic colors and patterns.

#5. Flash Tattoos

In 2015 I was introduced to the flash tattoo and I will never be a fan. Instead of buying bracelets and other accessories I saw gleaming gold washable tattoos adorning the arms of every girl I encountered over the summer. It is my hope that as the weather begins to warm and we enter spring and summer of 2016 I will no longer see the cheap flash tattoo.

#6. Boxy,Overdrawn Eyebrows
Along with the other makeup mishaps I have touched on in 2015 by far my least favorite was the boxy, overdrawn eyebrow. Eyebrows were such a topic in 2015 that, “eyebrows on fleek” became a catchphrase on social media that was virtually inescapable. In 2016 I would like to see a more understated brow.

While these trends of 2015 may only be acceptable for a Flashback Friday now, stay tuned to what GRACESHIP has to offer the beauty and fashion world in 2016!

MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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