How To Live a More Animal Friendly Lifestyle

The Mental Woes of an Animal Loving Meat Eater

As a meat eater and an animal lover I struggle with knowing that animal cruelty is a real tragedy. I like to push those thoughts to the back of my mind while I enjoy a bacon cheeseburger and like pictures of teacup pigs on instagram. I am caught in an oxymoron of knowing the truth and denial about my four legged friends.

In an effort to live a lifestyle where I embrace the knowledge I have about animal cruelty instead of reject it, I have a few tips for all my fellow inbetweeners:

Tip One: Have a meat free day once a week

If you are anything like me, thinking about giving up meat-eating seems impossible. For those of us who are looking to maintain our protein rich diet but also recognize the harm to the food that may end up on our plate I suggest baby steps! Instead of radically changing your diet and going completely vegetarian or vegan, an easy way to live a more animal friendly lifestyle can be to take one day a week to not eat meat.  

Tip Two: Be a more knowledgeable consumer

There are a lot of products that we buy daily that are tested on animals. The truth is lingering in the back of our minds but we simply ignore it. People are obsessed with the idea of time and convenience. If you live a busy, on-the-go lifestyle and need to hop in the store pick up some new makeup, it is easy to leave without ever thinking about what goes into the creation of the product you just bought. The bare truth is sometimes, we simply don’t care. I am going to try to be more aware of what’s behind the products that I use in my daily routine. There are a few simple ways to do so:

  • Look for the leaping bunny logo on products
    • The logo symbolizes a voluntary pledge that cosmetic, personal care, and/or household product companies make to clear animal testing from all stages of product development. The company's ingredient suppliers make the same pledge and the result is a product guaranteed to be 100 percent free of new animal testing.

  • Leaping Bunny and PETA also have search engines that can provide information on whether or not a brand is animal friendly.

With all these new advances in technology as well as the access we have at our fingertips, it is simple to take out your smart phone and see if some of your favorite brands are harming animals in the process. Take that extra minute and gain some peace of mind.

Tip Three: Don’t go to animal related entertainment like zoos or aquariums 

Of course I have taken my fair share of family trips and field trips to zoos and aquariums in my lifetime. I never thought twice about the animal's feelings. I simply enjoyed wandering around looking at these wild creatures from behind their cages, in awe by their size and beauty. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized how these animals are taken out of their environment and put on display purely for my entertainment. One simply way to live a more animal friendly lifestyle is to not indulge in animal related entertainment. Do not pump any more of your money into a place that mistreats animals and takes them from their homes. There are plenty of beautiful images of animals in their natural environments that are easily accessible to us all. There are far better ways to teach children about animals than to show them captivity and make them believe it is okay.

I cannot promise to change overnight but I am willing to make an effort to be a more animal friendly consumer and I hope some of you are too! GRACESHIP has some beautiful products that are animal friendly, vegan approved, and stylish. At GRACESHIP the products are designed and made with vegan leather. They do not use any material from animals or any animal by-products. Why not start off our pledge to be more animal friendly consumers with a great new laptop bag!





"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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