How to Spoil Your Favorite Office Pet

Three Easy Ways To Treat Your Furry Friend

GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bags Office Mascot HarperHere at GRACESHIP one of my favorite parts of coming to work is being greeted by Harper the resident office pup! There is never a day that I show up in a bad mood and Harper can’t turn it all around. Having a dog at the office makes a stressful day seem to disappear. That is truly the magic of our four-legged friends without a word they have the ability to bring so much joy to our lives.

If you have an office dog that you cherish or you have a pup waiting at home for you, here are some simple ways to spoil your favorite companion!

  1. The BarkBox

    GRACESHIP women's laptop company loves BarkBoxBy now all of us ladies know about the Birchbox. A combination of selected samples of makeup and other beauty supply products we anxiously wait to receive every month. It stirs up a feeling in us that resembles our childhood anticipation of Santa Claus. Now, not only can you get a special treat for yourself in the mail but your dog can too! The BarkBox is customizable to the size of your dog, and every month the company picks a theme and sends your favorite pooch a box full of treats and toys! If you like what you see you can purchase more from their website.

  2. Take Them For a Walk

    Never underestimate the power of a good walk! Not only does it offer you a chance to stretch your legs after sitting at a desk all day but your dog needs it! I've tried explaining the importance of diet and exercise to Harper and she always seems to be listening but the truth is dogs need our help to keep them looking good. Additionally a walk around the workplace lets your dog have the opportunity to get to know, through their keen sense of scent, the players that are in his stomping grounds. This will keep your pups mind active as well as his body.

  3. Treat Them to A Small Peanut Butter Treat

    If my dog was able to talk to me I am almost positive one of the phrases she would utter would be “More peanut butter please”. Whether it is the taste of the salt, sugar, or fat or the lure of protein I am unsure. In the end I think dogs love peanut butter because it’s so fun to eat. It never gets old watching your pup lick their mouth for hours. Bring the office pup a little peanut butter treat and I guarantee they will like you much more, spend a little more time hanging around your desk than others. Or if you are super busy and need the little guy to be occupied, peanut butter does the trick as well.


These are just a few ways to spoil your favorite furry friend. Here at GRACESHIP Harper is always getting attention! While you are spoiling your dog you might as well spoil yourself a little too!

GRACESHIP’s fashionable and functional bags are made in support of all animals, not only man's best friend. Made with 100% vegan leather, we sell stylish work totes that are cruelty free. To learn more about GRACESHIP's value in sustainability go to

MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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