GRACESHIP’s Favorite Healthy Snack Hacks for the Office

Being a professional woman working eight hours a day in the office can be a grueling task that leaves you tired and ready for a nap at 3 PM. Having hunger pangs makes it hard while trying to complete the project that is due before you leave.

Being a girl boss at work requires some serious snacking to get through late nights at the office -- we wanted to find a comprehensive list of healthy office snacks to keep at your cubicle that taste good, too. Who’s with us?

We put together a list of snacks that you can keep at your cubicle to help women at work tame their afternoon hunger pangs:

Hummus w/ vegetables
Discovering hummus made eating vegetables a lot easier. Hummus provides a high protein snack and the vegetables keep you fuller for longer.

Peanut butter + pretzels
Growing up this was a lunchbox staple. Economical, pretty healthy and obviously delicious.

String Cheese + an apple
Other than the obvious reasons for being chosen (cheese is delish!) - this is a great snack that is full of protein and fiber that can help with those mid-day cravings.

Strawberry Hazelnut Graham
AKA strawberry nutella s’more that will leave you wanting s’more. Just combine the three ingredients into a sandwich and wah-lah you’ve got a sweet treat to take you straight through that long day at the office.





There you have it - those are our office’s four favorite healthy snacks to pack in your GRACESHIP London Bag.  


Anne Martin
Anne Martin


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