3 Ways to Beat That Dreaded Delayed Flight

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We’ve all been there. That dreaded moment when you look up at the travel board and see that your flight has been delayed. Even though you were productive and arrived the suggested hour and a half early, now you’re stuck for half the day. You’re tired and ready to go home and now you just have to sit and wait. It is one of the most unappealing feelings in the world and is enough to wipe that vacation buzz right out of you as you feel reality set back in.

Fortunately enough for us, there are a few bright sides to being trapped at the airport. If you are able to look past the inconvenience of your flight being delayed you

The People Watching is Fabulous!

The airport is truly the epitome of a melting pot. It is one of the best places in the world to expose yourself to various different cultures. If you take out your headphones and put your cell phone down you will hear languages you didn’t know existed and see wardrobe choices that will make you smile from ear to ear. Open your eyes and see how many characters are wandering around the airport it is worth a double-take. For some extra fun try and observe why they may be traveling. Does it seem like a happy occasion, a sad trip, did someone just get a great new career and is anxiously awaiting the flight to their new home, or did Nana pass away and you need to travel home to say goodbye. The airport is a giant grouping of short stories. Have a little fun on your next delay and see if you can decipher a few. 

GRACESHIP Power WalletAirlines are lined with outlets and charging stations but that really confines you to one space while you’re trapped at the airport. If you are anything like me it helps to be up and about. If you feel the same GRACESHIP offers beautiful power wallets that allow you to stay charged on the go! Never sit in the charging station again, instead charge your phone with a stylish power wallet and cut the shackles to the outlet that has you sitting on the carpet in a corner.

Get an Extra Buzz

Bars and booze...every airport has them. When your plane is delayed and there is nothing you can do about it what better way to pass the time than with a cocktail. Forget about the delay and drink responsibly among your fellow inconvenienced passengers. Whether you are anxious about flying or you are annoyed by the delay, a nice cold beverage may be just what you need to enjoy your extra couple hours at the airport. The time will go by much faster if you small talk at the airport bar than if you sit by your gate and exhaust your social media accounts. This is also the perfect place to learn the stories of your fellow travelers and continue to people watch.
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GRACESHIP has beautiful sleek trolley bags that are small, lightweight and fashionable. Not only is it simple to roll the beautiful trolley bags from spot to spot but I guarantee you’ll receive some compliments as you catch fellow people-watcher's eyes! Don’t let big bulky carry-ons keep you from bar hopping around the airport!


 Eat, Eat, Eat!

Let’s be honest airports offer the best of the worst food out there for you. Being trapped at the airport is the perfect opportunity to indulge in some foods that you may otherwise always try to bypass. They always offer the mega fast food chains where you can stop for an overpriced french fry or burger. On the opposite end some airlines offer up fine cuisine as well. If you are ever stranded at JFK you can skip right past the Kentucky Fried Chicken and go to La Vie, a fancy French cafe that serves more sophisticated food. Don’t wait on an empty stomach, indulge your sweet tooth.

Don’t let that delay get you down! Meet new people, have a drink and eat your last greasy meal before your vacations over.

You know what they say, “Good things come to those who wait”.


MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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