Packing Tips You Need to Know Before Your Next Flight

Travelling can be stressful. Making sure everything fits in your suitcase makes travelling even more stressful. We at GRACESHIP compiled a list of how you can pack right for your next flight and focus more on the destination than how long it will take you to get there! Below are our 15 tips to making your next trip your best one yet: 



  1. Wear an infinity scarf on the plane to have a scarf/blanket/pillow all in one.
  2. Put your foundation or powder into contact cases to save space in your carry on or luggage.

  3. Wear a jacket or something with preferably pockets on the plane so that you don’t have to try to find your phone, wallet, and boarding pass at the last minute.
  4. Layer drying sheets in your suitcase so that your clothes smell laundry fresh after a long flight.

  5. Store your bobby pins in an old Tic Tac dispenser.
  6. Take the tops of your shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap and wrap saran wrap around them and put the tops back on - now you don’t have to worry about any of your toiletries spilling all over your bag.

  7. Roll your clothes instead of fold them to maximize on space in your suitcase.
  8. Place jewelry between two press and seal sheets to keep everything in place.

  9. Put a shower cap around your shoes to prevent your clothes getting dirty.
  10. Dip Q-Tips in your favorite eye shadows and then store them in a plastic bag to save space.

  11. Slip any glass bottles like perfume into a sock before packing them to keep them safe from breaking.
  12. Store your makeup brushes in an old glasses case to keep everything organized.
  13. Use pill case compartments to organize jewelry.

  14.  Pack ziplocks or leftover grocery bags in your suitcase to separate dirty and clean clothes and for easier organization.
  15. Pick the perfect carry-on - GRACESHIP's New York combines your purse and laptop bag all in one! It boasts tons of organization pockets for your laptop, magazines and chargers. It even has an adjustable shoulder strap to lighten the load.

    Travelling can be stressful but it doesn't have to be. We hope that our fifteen tips help you when you travel next. Safe travels!

    Anne Martin
    Anne Martin


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