The Intimidating Transition From College Bum to Working Woman

Stage One: Scared and Confused

One second we are sitting in high school a bottom of the food chain freshman with nothing but dreams ahead of us and before you blink an eye you're an upperclassman in college wondering what you are even doing with your life. The time goes by so fast and we are hit in the face with reality. In a few short years--or for some of us--a few short months, we will have to make the leap. Education has been our sole consistency since we were toddlers. Pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, all stepping stones on your way to college. The past eighteen years of our lives have been dedicated to learning so we can go out and get a job and be somebody. The pressure of your major choice becomes the focal point of all holiday breaks, leaving you with nothing but doubt as you head back to classes. You fumble from major to major and explore classes only to find out that science is truly not your calling and you feel frustrated and behind.


Stage Two: Commitment

At some point along the way we all commit. We commit to a major and commit to an idea, an idea of what our life is going to look like in the years to come. Graduation is approaching and soon you will be totally out of your element. Your life is no longer about sitting in class all week and taking tests. You have to find a job, find your footing and hope that all your hard work pays off.

Stage Three: Hope

Ultimately none of us knows what the future may hold.  Will we end up in a career we went to school for? Will we remain unemployed at our parent's houses for years? Will we find ourselves meeting the right people at the right time and get a job we never knew we could land? That is all up to chance.

However, there is one aspect of our future that we can control: how we present ourselves. Appearance, unfortunately is something that you are constantly judged on and can even affect your pay.

Looks Pay: Here are 3 tips on how to fake it 'til you make it!

1. Take Your Wardrobe Seriously
GRACESHIP High End E-Commerce Business Loves A Brilliant Working Girl With Style
Gone are the days that you can binge on $1 drink wednesdays and show up to your 9am class in pajamas. When you enter into the working world it is important to look your best. Whether it be for a job interview or once you’ve already landed the position, your appearance communicates a lot. In an interview be observant of the workplace and do your research to get a feeling of what the company culture is like. Is it a workplace that allows you to dress up blue jeans or are they a strictly professional and conservative bunch? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the work environment in your interview, it is important to know if they will be a good fit for you as well. When we look our best, we feel our best! Going into an interview or a new job with a great outfit that you feel confident in can affect your attitude in an extremely positive way. It will also show your interviewer, boss, or colleagues that you take your position seriously.

One accessory every working woman needs is a great bag! You will need a bag which will allow you to stay organized and has enough room to carry all your essentials. Owning a functional and fashionable work tote can be key to not fumbling around with multiple bags, especially if you find yourself commuting via public transportation. GRACESHIP has great laptop bags that are roomy enough for your laptop, any additional work supplies you may need ,as well as personal items. The bags are an excellent purchase decision on your way to becoming the working woman you have envisioned yourself as.

2. Stay In Shape
GRACESHIP women's laptop company wants you to stay fit for work and yourself
If you care enough to stay in shape it communicates to others that you are a disciplined person and you are able to motivate yourself, both of which are great qualities to have in a future employee.  According to a study in the Journal of Labor Research, workers who exercise regularly earn nine percent more on average than employees who don’t work out. Cleveland State University completed a study claiming people who exercise three or more times a week earn an average of $80 a week more than their lazy coworkers. Staying in shape, while it is not only good for you and your health can actually allow you to make more money. The earlier you start a routine, the easier it is to stick with. Start jogging your way to more money and a healthier lifestyle. You can simultaneously work off the college pizza and beer drinking weight you’ve put on while being taken more seriously in the professional world.

3. Present Your Best Face

GRACESHIP High End E-Commerce Business Loves A Polished Look For Work

We’ve all been there, rushing to class in the makeup we didn’t wash off the night before. Feeling too lazy to even put on mascara and going full blown natural beauty all week from class to class constantly being asked, “Why do you look so tired”, or “are you sick”? Women are judged on whether they wear makeup at all or if they wear too much, but in general wearing makeup can have a positive impact on your bank account. According to a study funded by Procter and Gamble women who wear makeup rank higher in trustworthiness and competence. These traits are ideal to have in an employee. Another study in the American Economic Review found women who wear makeup can earn over 30 percent more in pay than non-makeup wearing workers. You do not want to cake on too much makeup and scare people away but wearing some can give your bank an additional boost. It all comes back to confidence as well. If you feel beautiful with a little blush and a light lip gloss it will reflect in the attitude that you bring to the workplace.

Whether we like it or not appearance means a lot to people and it has a legitimate effect on our lives. How you present yourself to the outside world, especially to the professional world, is completely in your control. Take a little extra time, care, and pride in your appearance and reap the financial and personal rewards.













MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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