Make Your Cubicle Your Favorite Place To Be

When you work an office job you are probably stuck in a tiny space that you are forced to call home. Most of us are there for eight hours a day five days a week, some of us even more. Considering that we spend so much of our time at our desks, why not make them unique! Fit your space to your style and make your desk an enjoyable place to be...dare I say your favorite.

Raise Your Computer to Eye Level
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This first tip is for all of our physical well being. Staring at a computer screen all day puts a strain on our eyes and if that isn't bad enough when you are looking down at your screen it can have effects on your neck as well. Go out and buy a laptop stand to elevate your computer so that it is more comfortable for you to work!

Make Your Desktop Background a Work of Art
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Show off what makes you, you! Let your style outside the office creep into your work space so that you feel more at home. Being surrounded by color and images that are appealing to you will help you to forget your stuck at work and it is much better than staring at a gray or white wall.

Get a Plant
GRACESHIP Online Retailer Loves Plants To Bring Life To Your Desk
A plant will not only add some color to your office space but it will also bring life! Plants can be a symbolic reminder that even in a busy environment we need to stay "rooted".

Add A Fun Lamp/String Christmas Lights
GRACESHIP E-commerce Business Loves A Lamp For A Pop of Color at Your Desk
Adding a lamp to your desk is not only another way for you to show off your personal style, but it can also instantly add warmth to your space. Sometimes the bright office lights are too much. If you are more artsy take it to the next level and string Christmas lights around your space.

Shop Around For a Cute Organizer
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Don't get stuck with the ugly plastic tray that they give you on your first day. Shop around for an organizer that matches your personality and style. Something cute that also maximizes the space that you have.

Get an Active Footrest
GRACESHIP E-Commerce Company Loves An Active Footrest to Keep Antsy Workers Happy
If you're anything like me, sitting for an extended period of time has you super antsy! It is hard to stay planted at a desk all day. An active footrest is the perfect solution! Lets you move your legs around and keeps them from getting too cramped.

A lot of us work all day from our cellphones as well as at our desks and it can really drain our battery life. Always have a back-up plan in case you forget your charger with a GRACESHIP power wallet. You need your wallet everywhere you go anyways and it conveniently charges your phone as well! For our business women who don't stop it is the perfect on-the-go solution!

Your desk is what you make of it. Embrace the space and make it a reflection of you! 





MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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