Five Savvy Ways to Save Money in 2016

Saving money can seem like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to! Finding the best deals and spending smart you can save money and still get the stuff that you want. Win-win, right? We at GRACESHIP compiled a list of the five ways that we save money in 2016.


  1. Groupon Coupons

    Groupon Coupons allows us to get coupons for our favorite goods and services in the Louisville area and around the country. Groupon has current offers with many top brands such as Birchbox,, Aerie, and Ann Taylor to name a few. Since Groupon lists all the coupons for our favorite stores, we don’t have to search the internet for discount codes that don’t work. Finally, we can shop online in peace!

  2. Flash Sale Sites

    Flash sale sites are only available for limited amounts of time. Our favorite flash sale sites include Zulily, Beyond the Rack and Rue La La. Conveniently, these websites deliver deals that we love straight to our inbox. The top you have been dying to have for the last six months may be on one of these flash sites - hello new wardrobe! Little hassle, lots of savings.

  3. Sell, Trade and Buy Used and New Clothing

    Companies such as Poshmark and Vinted allow customers to sell, trade and buy used and new clothing. You no longer have to drive the thirty minutes to find clothes at discounted prices. Just download the app and ta-da! The best part is that you can sell your own clothes and then use that money to buy new clothes at discounted prices.

  4. Referral Programs

    Referral Programs are a fast and easy way to put some extra money in your pocket. Have friends with amazing fashion sense? For every friend your refer to GRACESHIP's Referral Program you get $25 for yourself. You’re helping a friend and you’re giving yourself more money to look stylish as well. What more could you ask for?

  5. Mint - Money Manager, Credit Score, Budgeting and More

    It’s hard keeping track of finances. With monthly bills and miscellaneous costs, you don’t want to fall short and not be able to pay for your rent this month. With Mint, you can access your budget and financial information on your laptop or on your phone! We use this application to help create budgets and keep track of spending and where our money goes each month.

    We have used each of these five different ways to help ourselves save a little bit more money this year. With these savvy tips, we believe that you can save more money in 2016, too.


Anne Martin
Anne Martin


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