9 Essential Items Every Working Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Entering into the working world can be scary but knowing what to wear doesn't have to be. With the help of a few handy wardrobe necessities you can wow with your professional style in every season. You don't need to fill your closet at home with endless options, what it all comes down to is owning a few great essentials! 

The Classic Pencil Skirt
GRACESHIP women's laptop company adores a killer pencil skirt
A great pencil skirt is seasonless! A classic item that will never go out of style and makes getting ready for work simple. You're bound to be an office knock-out in a beautiful fitted pencil skirt.

White Button Down
GRACESHIP Women's Work Tote Supplier Loves A Great White Button Down
Perhaps the most simplistic element everyone needs to have in their wardrobe, you simply can't go wrong with a classic white button down. This is a shirt that you can easily dress up with the right accessories as well as dress down when you are feeling a more casual day in the office. You will appear both polished and professional either way,

Fashionable Work Tote
GRACESHIP Black London Makes For The Perfect Work Tote
We at GRACESHIP definitely know about the importance of owning a fabulous work tote. Having a great bag for work can keep you organized and on top of your game. It is important that it is big enough to hold you laptop and still accommodate your makeup bag, lunch, a change of shoes, your charger...a great work tote holds your life. This one is quite possibly the most important item. You don't want to struggle on your commute to work with a lunch bag, a laptop bag, a purse, it causes too much fuss. Find a stylish bag that can be your one and done! 

Skinny Ankle Pants
GRACESHIP High End E-Commerce Business Loves These Ankle Pants
Sick of the unflattering suit pants and flare cuts that cover up your shoes you spent two paycheck on? Try a pair of fitted ankle pants. The cut is just right to show off your new favorite work heels and show the office what you're working with while staying classy. 

Statement Necklace
GRACESHIP Laptop Bag Retailer Thinks A Great Statement Necklace Will Finish Off Any Great Working Wardrobe
On those days you want to turn a simplistic top or color deficient outfit into a knock out a great statement necklace can do just the trick. Jewelry is the perfect way to show your personality.

Peplum Top
GRACESHIP Global E-Commerce Company | Peplum Tops Finish Off A Great Working Wardrobe
Some days a dress seems too much and a button down seems so boring, when that happens dip into your closet for a stylish peplum top. A t-shirt is much too casual and a blouse will make you feel much more put together and professional.

GRACESHIP Online Retailer | A Blazer Is An Essential To The Female Working Wardrobe
What would a woman's working wardrobe be without a blazer? A great blazer can top off any outfit! The addition of a blazer can make the simplest outfit look much more professional without having to wear a full-blown suit.

Sheath Dress
GRACESHIP Global Women's Fashion Retailer | Importance of a Sheath Dress
With a beautiful sheath dress in your fashion arsenal you can be easily prepared to look great in every season. You can wear it with a killer pair of wedges in the summer or warm it up with a pair of tights in the winter, while looking fashionable and professional every time. 

Great Pair of Pumps
GRACESHIP Global E-Commerce Retailer | Wear Pumps To Spice Up Your Working Wardrobe
Last, but certainly not least, and perhaps every girls favorite...pumps. Shoes can make or break an outfit. With a few great pairs available for your professional life getting ready for work can be a lot more fun! Walk with a little more bounce in the office and make your look that much more stylish.

MacKenzie Dease
MacKenzie Dease


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