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When she’s not juggling life as a wife and mommy of a hyper toddler or working full time as a “trendsetter” at Boxcar Public Relations, Danielle Rudy Davis can be found at her computer blogging about the newest trends and styles on LouWhatWear.com.  This blog aims to shine more light on emerging fashion in Louisville, with the goal of “style spotting in Louisville so you don’t have to.”  She has been featured in many other media outlets, such as WHAS11 news, The Voice Tribune, and Daily Buzz Style for her style input and advice.     

GRACESHIP:  What gave you the idea to start your own fashion blog?

Davis:  I started getting really into fashion blogs and there wasn't really anything here locally in Louisville.  I wanted to something that could be more relatable to people here and also features local stores and news here.

GRACESHIP:What is your favorite thing about fashion and what makes you so passionate about it?

Davis:  I think that fashion says something about you on a very personal level and I think its just a really fun way to express yourself I think you can change it up based on where you’re going, how you're feeling.   I've always loved fashion, even when I was rocking my minnie mouse tee shirts and ridiculous outfits when i was like 7 years old.

GRACESHIP:  What are your favorite brands to shop locally and online.

Davis:  Well, now that I have a little boy I do most of my shopping online because going with him to the mall is an exercise.  I love Asos, it's so great.  I order a million things and then you can send half of it back because it looks totally different, but you find so much fun stuff there.  And obviously everyone loves J Crew. I love to get on Shopbop when I'm looking for something, you know, as a splurge piece.  A pair of boots or a bag or something like that.  And then I crush Forever 21, I'm not even gonna lie, I love it.

GRACESHIP:  What are some pieces in your closet you can't live without?  Also, are there any tips you have for other girls who are trying to make a more fashionable wardrobe just with basic necessities?

Davis:  My favorite thing in my closet is a pair of Frye boots I have.  They last forever and they still look like they're brand new once you get them cleaned up.  Those are my go-to.  And then as far as tips for other people, it is important to invest in basics. So investing in a really nice bag, investing in a great pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a blazer. Those are the type of things that aren't going to go out of style and that you can mix and match with stuff from Forever 21, Old Navy and random things you find and it will totally make them look so much nicer.  

GRACESHIP:  Is there any fashion trend, especially right now, that you could do without?

Davis:  I know that people are really into them, but I can't do the wedge sneakers.  I mean, I have seen them a couple times and been like ok it's not so bad.  But like now that they have them at target now you're going to see more of them and its just no good.

GRACESHIP:  What advice do you have for women looking to pursue a career in public relations?  

Davis:  Be ready to work hard.  It's not just all parties and hanging out with reporters and doing media shots and stuff like that.  Its a lot of really hard work and there's a lot of backend things and dealing with clients that you just have to be prepared for.  Work on your writing skills.  I think that works for every job, but just work on your writing skills.

GRACESHIP:  How do you balance staying fit and being successful?

Davis:  When I didn't have a son I had a lot more time to go out but I bought a treadmill and I work out in the mornings and watch my tv shows. I also love zumba!  I'm totally unapologetic about my love of zumba, so whenever I can go I do.  

GRACESHIP:  What are the goals you have for the future of LouWhatWear?

Davis:  My goal for LouWhatWear is to grow the audience obviously but also to grow some of the people involved.  It’s  a lot of work and I want to incorporate other people's styles because i think that would be more on-line with what i really set out to do. I just want to stay true to louisville and stay true to myself and i think if that remains the case then it will continue to grow.  

GRACESHIP:  Many women with careers struggle with being stylish and punctual in the mornings.  Do you have a specific routine that gets you out the door quickly or a must-have beauty product that you recommend?

Davis: I invested in a really nice blow dryer and that has been huge for me because it blow dries my hair so much faster! That totally helps me get ready.  As far as getting dressed, I try to stick to a similar silhouette most of the time.  I love skinny jeans or a slim leg pants and a blouse and blazer.  

GRACESHIP: Do you think that your blogging has directly helped you in your career?

Davis:  It has really opened a lot of doors and made me meet a lot more people that I wouldn’t have met.  It has allowed me to become better at my job when I'm pitching people to bloggers and trying to educate them about the importance of bloggers.  It's also put me in touch with new clients and people who found out what I did, so it really has been a huge benefit.

GRACESHIP:  Many college grads are having trouble getting that first job out of college or really getting their first break.  do you have any recommendations?  how did you make that happen?

Davis:  I knew I wanted to work in PR but I didn't have a ton of experience.  I had done internships but I didn't have experience so I ended up getting a job at Norton [Healthcare] doing recruitment marketing, but I tried to do everything I could to show everything I wanted to do to develop those skills.  I think that there's a lot of expectations too for young people that they're gonna find their perfect job right away, and that's not necessarily the case.  I love my job now, but if you would have asked me a few years ago when I was working in PR was it my perfect job I would say no.  That there’s a lot of a need for immediacy, but i think that once you've been in different jobs where you've gotten experience that aren't necessarily the perfect job it makes you appreciate when you get where you want to be so much more.  And I think if there's a job you're applying for thats not exactly what you want to do but there's an area where you think you can expand on that or get a little more experience then go for it, you never know what it could turn into.


GRACESHIP:  What is the best piece of advice personally or professionally that you've received?

Davis:  Personally it was from my mom when I was in 9th grade.  She said ‘don't be that girl’ and I just knew what she meant.  And then professionally the best advice I’ve gotten is to not be afraid to introduce yourself to new people and to get out of your comfort zone because I think thats where you learn the most and grow the most and you never know who you are gonna introduce yourself to.  I think that my thing is I'm never afraid to hear no and if you're always prepared to hear no that when you hear yes its more exciting.  It’s the same when you meet people.  People may be rude but if when they’re nice and you connect with somebody it’s so great so thats kinda how I look at it.  

Olivia Karem
Olivia Karem


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