GRACESHIP's Favorite Time of Year: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

We may be just heading into fall weather, but recently we just had the world’s favorite preview into spring:  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Set in the fashion capital of the world, this New York City event is a pilgrimage for high fashion designers, fashionistas, and of course all the A-list stars we love.  All of the designers totally killed it this year, each with their own unique stamp on the runway.  The common trends we saw while flipping through snapshots were ones that we can really say we’re excited to try out.  Here are a few trends that really stood out to us.

1.  Crop tops hit the runway once again.  This seems like a trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.  We do have mad respect for designers, and wearers, of this trend.  When pulled off correctly, crop tops can be a great way to relax an edgy skirt or be able to show a sexy glimpse of midriff in an almost modest outfit.  These tops were shown on so many shows, whether as a baggy tee or a shorter bustier top.  Collections that rocked these were Hervé Léger, Tracey Reese, and Peter Som.  

2.  Ugly shoes might be the next big footwear.  The expression ‘fashion over function’ may be disappearing in the name of footwear, and being replaced with ‘making function into a fashion.’  One of these brands is Birkenstock.  These shoes are pretty functional I would say, and mad props to the company for keeping true to their product for so many years.  Another brand we love [to camp in] is Tevas.  They too have been making great strides, including partnering up with Urban Outfitters to release a new line.  Adidas sliders are leaving the shower rooms and joining vacation wear, as they have been featured in Nonoo’s resort collection.  The simple yet classic design of these sandals are finally being noticed again.  Pairing any of these sandals with wooly socks can make anyone jealous of your new footwear.

3.  Rise of the nerds--collared preppy looks are in!  This was seen on a huge amount of collections, from BCBGMAXAZRIA, where models sported large glasses, collared shirts, and more unisex fashions, to the expected prep brands like J Crew and Lacoste.  

Mixed patterns also took a leap from being on the set of Gossip Girl to the runway. Altuzarra did a fabulous job of sexying up prep, with dramatic skirt slits and impeccable tailored suiting.   Using simple stripes and earthy tones, these looks were simple and elegant with just enough of a twist.  He also added a touch of fringe and models came out with loosely buttoned clothes to create a more fun and incomplete look but altogether it was incredible.

4.  Safari style is in.  The main collection we think of for this is Michael Kors. Kors pulled off something completely different than he has done before and followed suit on leaving behind edgier looks.  

His collection softened with using jungle florals, wide lounging pants, fitted jackets and trenches, and using earthy colors such as nude, white, green, and sky blues.  Rachel Zoe took a similar approach in mastering safari style.  But while Kors was something we can see being worn springtime in the Hamptons we see Zoe’s collection kicking it in NYC.  On addition to safari colors there are metallics and denim added to this collection, making it definately more of an urban safari.  

5.  Spring is the season for romance, which makes it no surprise designers are glamming up the runway with whimsical dresses.  Oscar De La Renta  designed a very elegant collection, straying towards pastels and neutral colors creating a very romantic look, especially for the evening wear.  Jenny Packham also brought much feminine beauty to the show.  As a woman who dresses real life princesses (I.E. Kate Middleton) I found that a lot of her dresses could be describes as modern fairytale gowns.  Like De La Renta, she stuck to pastels, adding jeweled embellishment to the gowns as well which further added to their princess appeal.

Zac Posen, inspired by Marie Antoinette in its colors, styles, even the hair of the models, was tailored to perfection.  Sticking to what he does best, Posen designed a statement gown for every woman it seems.  The color swayed from pastel peach to slate grey and the design of each dress each had its own craftsmanship added, but all of these differences are what made the collection go together so eloquently.

6.  There were several fashion flashbacks.  The perfect example of mod 50s/60s fashions that of course came from Ralph Lauren.  The show started off with black and white styles that leaned more on the unisex side, leading into bold colorful shift dresses and suits in neon colors like yellow, lime green, and orange.  The show ended in perfection, heading back to all white and black looks, and then ending with the perfect shade of red.  The show was honestly amazing, with just enough of a dash of men’s styles.  The short skirts, daring colors, and stripes helped hit the 60s vibe and could totally be something seen on Megan Draper.

Leading us to the late 60s nature movement was Proenza Schouler.  Using nature-inspired colors, this collection still maintains the typical clothing articles of the 60s and added more patterns, such as a fabulous “twig like” black and white patterned outfit, earthy silver and copper tones, and hints of earthy green between the folds of the skirt.  The show was calming in a way, leaning towards a softer side of fashion.

Now onto more great news, the slipdress is back!  This 90’s fashion statement might be something some of you are familiar with, but have no fear it has gotten an upgrade.  Brands like Rag & Bone and Jason Wu have added more glam to these slip dresses, making them look more like actual clothes and less like you found them in your mom’s underwear drawer.

Jason Wu followed suit on this as well.  What made his collection so incredible is the colors.  While he did choose earthy tones, he managed to pick literally the perfect colors for spring and summer 2014.  He went from extremely pale pastels to the perfect shade of navy and glam black.  And of course his collection had all the classic 90’s pieces we love, from halter tops to slip dresses and utility jackets.  

Olivia Karem
Olivia Karem


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