Emily Gimmel Joins Panel Discussion at Louisville Library

On Tuesday, September 25th Emily Gimmel attended and participated in a discussion panel at the Louisville Free Public Library.  This aimed to give advice to aspiring users of Treehouse, a new free learning platform aimed to enlighten users on how to create their own websites for businesses and become more understanding of tech codes.  Once a $300 dollar fee, thanks to donations members of the LFPL get access to this information for no cost at all.

Emily sat down to discuss the success of GRACESHIP Womens Laptop Bags and how access to internet and understanding of technology helped her get her brand’s name out there.  Alongside of Todd Earwood from Try it Local and Zach Pennington from US Chia, she talked to the crowd about how she started her brand of laptop bags for women and gave marketing advice for others to promote their businesses.  

Olivia Karem
Olivia Karem


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