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The Hair Brush We Can't Live Without!!

The hairbrush we are obsessing over at GRACESHIP! This is a must-have product for any woman with tresses that need to be tamed.

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Shave Money Getting Subscription Razors Online

Letting your boyfriend borrow your shaving blade is never a pretty sight - prickly legs are the ultimate fashion faux pas!  No more will your man have to borrow your razor.... a new web service keeps you and your beau conveniently stocked with razors without breaking the bank.

Dollar Shave Club is a fun, subscription based razor service with a variety of blades and budget friendly options.

The low-end option costs a measly dollar per month! The next two options are high-end razors that still keep you spending less than $10 a month. It also saves you the hassle of having to head to the store on those evenings your man unexpectedly sleeps over.

Dollar Shave Club is not only incredibly convenient, the company has a pretty cool sense of humor, which gives them a gold star in our book. Check out the totally awesome video advertisement from their site:

The club's prices are cheaper than buying in stores, keeping more money in your wallet. Your guy will have extra cash to buy you a brand new GRACESHIP bag and you'll have more money to spend on shoes!

How to Bag Beach-Chic Hair

We love the beach and the ocean; but we love the look of fresh out of the ocean hair even more! Not all of us can take a dip in the Atlantic to get the waves we want, so here are our top 3 favorite products to get that mermaid look, without salt water.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray gives you a fresh out of the ocean look, even if you're miles away from one. Just spray throughout damp hair and get ready to be wavy.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is an affordable way to make your hair look like everyday is a beach day. Spray in damp hair and style with fingers to create textures and waves.

Getting tousled waves is easy with Charlotte Ronson's A Perfect Mess Beach Hair. Spray in damp hair to get the perfect waves. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long-lasting hold.

What are you waiting for beach babe? Don't forget your sun screen ;)

Bronzed and Beautiful - Our Favorite Sunless Products

No time to bask in the sun? No worries, here are GRACESHIP's favorite products to keep you covered in a bronzed and beautiful glow with no sun necessary!

Lorac's Tantalizer is an all over body bronzer that gives off a natural streak free glow. Infused with aloe and botanical extracts, your skin will not only be bronzed, but smooth too!

Tan towels are a perfect simple way to achieve an all over even tan. Towels for face and body. The clear streak free formula gives you a mess free tan in just a few hours!

Too Faced has a variety of bronzers. Sun bunny is a mixture of matte with just a hint of shimmer that gives your face a flawless glow. This bronzer is infused with rose tint which ensures a natural golden look rather than the orange tint some bronzers give off.

Benefit's Hoola is an all matte bronzer sure to give you a natural straight from the sun look. Swipe it across your cheeks, chin, and forehead to have your skin looking like you just leftt the beach!

Here's to you beach cheeks!

Wanna Stand Out? Add Statement Pieces to Your Outfit

A statement piece can totally revamp a look. GRACESHIP bags are definitley one of those pieces, and here's a peek at a few other bold accessories to try out!


Floppy hats aren't just for a day at the beach anymore. Throw one of these on with a simple jumpsuit or jeans and a tank and you'll be making a statement without even saying a word.

   Fedoras are great for adding a little fun and style to another simple look. Casual meets funky.


Bib necklaces come in many different forms; fabric, jewels, sequins, metal. Whatever style you choose, you are sure to wow your friends. Bib necklaces are perfect for high collar shirts adding a little pizazz to a simple neckline.

Throwing a ton of bracelets may take you back to memories of childhood but we are loving multiple bracelets, the more the merrier! Putting similar hued bangles even matching your watch, with a simple outfit is sophisticated and fun all at the same time. Bangles are the new arm candy.


Scarves are so versatile and add a certain wow factor to any outfit. Check out a few ways to wear them!

The traditional way to wear a scarf, around your neck, is a fool proof way to add a statement piece to your outfit.

Tying a scarf on your head is a little more daring than putting it around your neck, but it's a very chic and quick way to add some uniqueness to a simple outfit.

GRACESHIPS chic, traditional bag London has been completely transformed by simply tying a scarf around the handle. Add a new scarf to match your mood, and your GRACESHIP bag!

Happy Hunting :)

April 03, 2012


Posted in Beauty & Fashion

What's in This Spring: Color Appeal

We can't say it enough here at GRACESHIP. Color is in this spring and summer. The bolder and brighter the better! Don't be shy, kick your pretty feet up with some of these colorful heel ideas.

Color Block

The color block trend is far from new but it's definitely here this season. You can stay neutral pairing blocks of the same hues, or go totally bold with colors on different ends of the spectrum!

Bright One Colors

Bright color shoes are a way to spice up any outfit! For the shy fashionista pair a bright shoe with a colorless outfit as a pop of color. For the daring GRACESHIP gal pair a bright shoe with an already colorful outfit!


Patterns are all the rage this season, especially in a shoe! Wearing a heel with a print on it is a bold statement piece by itself, but you can make it even bolder by pairing a print, with a print! Yes, you heard right. Not all prints go together but for example; wearing a striped top? Throw on  a pair of leapord heels, minimal accesories, and some redlipstick and you're already looking purrfect!

 Leapord, tribal, stripes, nautical, whatever trend you may love; your GRACESHIP bag will be the perfect accessory to top off your daring look!

Bargain Beauty: Get Make-up Samples Direct to Your Door

Wouldn't you enjoy a box filled with samples of luxury beauty items? I know I do! Each month, I am delighted with a front door delivery from Birchbox. If you haven’t already heard of this company yet, you are in for a real treat.

When you sign up, you pay a mere $10 bucks for monthly treats such as skin creams, perfumes, makeup and even hair care supplies! Once you fill out your own Beauty Profile, the chic samples are personalized just for you.  You aren’t even forced to pay extra for shipping and handling! The products are mailed right to your front door.

If you really enjoyed one of the products and wish to purchase it in a full size container, Birchbox.com allows you to do just that.  When you spend money, it’s converted into points on the website.  For every $100 you spend, turns into $10 to splurge on other products.

The Birchbox website also offers tons of tips on using your samples that you receive; along with other beauty advice.  All of your beauty necessities fit perfectly in a GRACESHIP bag... along with your other daily essentials. As you venture out on your daily grind, pamper yourself with the next beauty sensation with Birchbox... you deserve it!