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5 Tips (That Really Work) For Staying Fit During the Holidays

The holiday season is a favorite time of year for many, but it does present some challenges. Staying on track with fitness and healthy eating habits can be difficult when you are out of your normal routine. Travel and indulgent meals can derail the most dedicated fitness enthusiast. GRACESHIP has some functional tips to keep you on track with fitness all the way into next year!

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“Map Your Fitness” in the Palm of Your Hand!

Need a way to track and log your workouts on the go? We found a mobile app that provides excellent health and fitness technology in the palm of your hand. Mapmyfitness is a fast and easy way to track your workouts on the go, making it much easier to stick to your program.

The app's built in GPS allows fitness enthusiasts to map, record and share their workouts in an online database. Not only can you map your route, Mapmyfitness lets you log your food, track your progress and track friends. Make your own routes toshare, or follow other popular maps available for your location.

Mapmyfitness is great for all fitness levels. Don't forget it's free, so make it your own personal source for staying fit with photos and updates of your daily activities. You can even share your progress on Facebook and Twitter. Do yourself a favor today and download the Mapmyfitness application to help benefit yourself and other in fitness and health. Take the next step, and let Mapmyfitness motivate you to stick with yourhealthy living!


A Nifty Device to Improve Your Office Posture

How many times have your grandmother and mother said, “Sit up straight?” We all know perfect posture is good for us, but its not always easy or that comfortable for long days at the office. Enter Backjoy, a butt seat we recently discovered that truly saves the day for your spine!

We fell in love with Backjoy at a recent conference in Chicago, and have used them in the office ever since! The plastic seat molded for your butt comfortably tilts your hips upright while sitting on it. It instantly improves your posture and takes the pressure off of your tailbone, making the seat super ideal for long term sitting at the office, on the plane, or in the car.

Whether you are sitting at work, Tweeting at home or watching your favorite trash TV show, you might find yourself hunched over.... maybe even while you read this post. It is difficult to realize your sitting habits until your back starts to hurt, and you have watched a Kardashian marathon. Backjoy keeps your spine in check so you never feel the pain to begin with.The Backjoy is very comfortable, can hold up to 300 pounds and will work in any seat, so don’t fret about eating those Krispy Kreme Donuts for breakfast. There's also a mini version for those under 90 pounds.

The Backjoy is portable and has ties to attach it to your suitcase or inside your GRACESHIP bag, making those long haul flights or weekend road trips a little easier to bare.

The company behind this clever device for your tush also provides numerous other products to help improve your posture while you sleep, stand and kneel. There is a Backjoy pillow, which aligns the head, neck and shoulders. There are foot inserts for the working woman on the go, allowing you to avoid sharp pain in those stilettos. And they also create Kneelers which make your home cleaning and gardening pain free.

We think excellent posture is just one step closer to taking over the world, gracefully. Get your Backjoy on http://backjoy.com/, your back will thank you!

GRACESHIP to Host Ladies Night at Bats Baseball

Nothing says Summer like a beer and a night at the ball park. GRACESHIP is teaming up with Louisville Bats Baseball on Wednesday May 30 to begin a new tradition at the park, "Ladies Night." You are invited to come relax and unwind after work and enjoy the evening with us!
Emily Gimmel, GRACESHIP's founder will be starting the night off by throwing out the first pitch of the game (She hopes to make it over home plate!). At the gates, attendees will receive a special 20% OFF coupon for the GRACESHIP bag of your choice!

The GRACESHIP team will be hanging out and displaying our collection in the Ladies Lounge. This new addition to the ball park is chic area is where women can relax and enjoy the eye candy on the field. Wine specials just for women are also served. Be sure to stop by and see us in the lounge and register to win a free bag! The drawing will take place during the game.

Go by any Sun Tan City location to pick up a discount voucher for ladies (16 and older) to receive a Field Reserved Ticket for only $3.00.

For more information, schedules and updated can be viewed at http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t416

Grab your peanuts and cracker jacks and join us for Ladies Night at the Ball Park Wednesday May 30! See you there!

March 29, 2012


Posted in Fitness & Health

A Couch Potato Workout That Works

With bikini season around the corner, it's almost time to snap back into shape. But burning those calories can often be boring... until now. We've discovered a way to workout and catch up on your favorite television shows at the same time. Introducing, the TV Commercial Workout...

This workout plan is super great. You never know just what you might be doing next. It is also easy because it doesn't require any accessories. No weights, mats or bands. Just you and your television. It also allows a long time to rest and fuel up for the next break.

This is also a good idea to do with your kids. It is fun for them because it is something that is always changing. It's fun for you because it gives you something to do with your children while helping them stay in shape. It is a great after school activity!

And to think we used to hate commercials...