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Shave Money Getting Subscription Razors Online

Letting your boyfriend borrow your shaving blade is never a pretty sight - prickly legs are the ultimate fashion faux pas!  No more will your man have to borrow your razor.... a new web service keeps you and your beau conveniently stocked with razors without breaking the bank.

Dollar Shave Club is a fun, subscription based razor service with a variety of blades and budget friendly options.

The low-end option costs a measly dollar per month! The next two options are high-end razors that still keep you spending less than $10 a month. It also saves you the hassle of having to head to the store on those evenings your man unexpectedly sleeps over.

Dollar Shave Club is not only incredibly convenient, the company has a pretty cool sense of humor, which gives them a gold star in our book. Check out the totally awesome video advertisement from their site:

The club's prices are cheaper than buying in stores, keeping more money in your wallet. Your guy will have extra cash to buy you a brand new GRACESHIP bag and you'll have more money to spend on shoes!

Create An Outdoor Oasis in Your Office

It's one of our favorite times of year - summer music festivals are officially in full swing! For those who haven't been, these major parties are often life-changing events. Here are GRACESHIP's favorite, fresh and new songs from this summer's hottest artists who you can see live this summer:

"Disparate Youth" - Santigold

On Saturday, August 4, find Santigold in Chicago's Grant Park at Lollapalooza.  The track Disparate Youth can be found on her up and coming album, Master of My Make-Believe (out on May 1).  Full of funky beats and catchy lyrics, this tune will have you dancing in no time.  Santigold is also on the roster at other music festivals and concerts around the world, so check out her tour page to see when she's headed your way.


"The Rifle's Spiral" - The Shins 

Also at Lollapalooza this year are indie veterans, The Shins.  After planning an extensive, international tour and releasing their new album, Port of Morrow, The Shins are virtually unstoppable.  Their new song, The Rifle's Spiral, is quirky and upbeat.  The undertones of the keyboard, mixed with the thumping bass lines and a constant drum beat are some of of our favorite parts.

"What You Know" - Two Door Cinema Club

Lollapalooza is still a few months away, but Bonnaroo is coming up quick.  One, must-see, band at Bonnaroo is Two Door Cinema Club.  This three-piece band isn't new to the circuit, but they rank high on our summer playlist of feel-good music.  Have a listen and you'll find out why.

If you plan on making moves at one of these monumental events, be sure to take your GRACESHIP bag. It's the perfect size to stash all of your festival necessities for a day of fun in the sun!


Introducing the World's BEST Eyelash Curler

During the morning rush, there is rarely enough time for a full face of make-up. One of the best ways to quickly brighten your look for that cute co-worker is curling your eyelashes. While many of the lash devices out there are somewhat tricky to tackle, our staff's favorite curler crushes the competition!

The Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler is the easiest, best designed curler we have ever set our eyes on. Unlike many metal curlers, this device won't pinch your pretty little lashes.

While compact in size, its wide plastic lever flips out, making it much easier to grasp. A simple pinch motion compresses the pad on your lash and locks it into place.

Best of all, your purchase is comes with an unlimited FREE supply of cushion refills for the entire life of the curler! This guarantees you'll always be equipped to have eyes that others envy. This tiny tool from Japonesque is available at Amazon.com, ULTA, and many other fine beauty stores.

To intensify the effects of this eyelash curler, I personally pair it up with my favorite mascara - L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

A steal at only $8 a tube, this bargain beauty find works just as well if not better than many designer brand mascaras. It loads your lashes with both volume and fullness, creating an ultra flirty look! You can conveniently find it at almost any neighborhood drugstore.

Try out these lash products we love and you will brighten your look for work in just a wink!


Goodbye, Fax Machines! Hello, Free Web Service!

In today's world, new technology is introduced daily. DVD's and paper checks are all things of the past. Now, the fax machine is too! The next time someone from last century demands you fax them over something, check out Fax Zero!

As the name implies, Fax Zero requires zero fax machine on your end. The website allows you to send documents to a fax number in a breeze.  All you have to do is enter the fax number, your contact information, and upload your document with the a click of a button. You can even customize your cover letter to say what you would like!

This service not only saves a few trees by eliminating paper, it will also save you money. Printing documents can be time consuming and ink cartridges are expensive! Now, all documents can be sent electronically without having to mess with a printer.

There is no charge at all to use the service and up to five free faxes can be sent a day. You can also send up to three pages per fax.

This is a deal that really simplifies office work and the daily grind. The GRACESHIP team loves how quick and easy it is, and we think you will too! Check it out for yourself at www.faxzero.com. Happy faxing!


Stitchtagram: Your Favorite Pics On Your Favorite Pillows

Instagram has swept the nation with it's pic-taking social network on smartphones.  You're able to post your favorite pics while you're on the run and follow your favorite people to see their own.  GRACESHIP colleagues love using Instagram to capture and share our favorite moments with each other, but sometimes posting pictures to the Internet just isn't enough.  Don't worry, now there's a fun way to hold onto those photos.... literally.

Brother and Sister duo, Doug and Rachel Pfeffer have come up with a unique way to transfer your pictures onto pillows that you can keep forever.  Based out of Washington D.C., the duo digitally print the photos onto a linen-cotton canvas and then hand-stitch the front and back together.

Each pillow is 15 inches and comes with a soft, fluffy, removable insert. These pillows are super fun, are a great conversation piece, and can be great gifts for friends or family members (Ahem, so can one of GRACESHIP's three signature bag styles). Head on over to http://www.stitchtagram.com/ to start creating yours now!

How to Bag Beach-Chic Hair

We love the beach and the ocean; but we love the look of fresh out of the ocean hair even more! Not all of us can take a dip in the Atlantic to get the waves we want, so here are our top 3 favorite products to get that mermaid look, without salt water.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray gives you a fresh out of the ocean look, even if you're miles away from one. Just spray throughout damp hair and get ready to be wavy.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is an affordable way to make your hair look like everyday is a beach day. Spray in damp hair and style with fingers to create textures and waves.

Getting tousled waves is easy with Charlotte Ronson's A Perfect Mess Beach Hair. Spray in damp hair to get the perfect waves. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long-lasting hold.

What are you waiting for beach babe? Don't forget your sun screen ;)

Thank Different - Send Handwritten Notes From Your Computer!

So much to do, so little time.

I’m sure this thought comes across your mind several times a day. As you look at your extremely long To-Do list, you see the words “Thank You Notes”. Who has time to sit down and write multiple, handwritten-notes? I’m sure you don’t. However, you want to make sure they’re personal. How can you get the best of both worlds?

It’s easy! Write your notes on thankthanknotes.com.

On thankthanknotes, envelopes are addressed for you and you can choose what style of writing you would like.

And… it only costs $3.00! That’s less than going and purchasing a card at the store, not including the price of gas and also stamps. This is a great deal.

Thankthanknotes help get your thoughts and love across without all the hassle of actually writing a note. It’s quick and easy for all women on the go.

Now you have one more thing to cross off that To-Do list!